Staffy with cleft lip is finally adopted as ‘no one else’ wanted him

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A heartwarming dog video has gone viral on TikTok.

A pet owner revealed "no one else wanted" his pooch because of the way his lip looked.

In a TikTok post by user @sophiejayne25 , the clip shows how the cute staffy failed to get adopted because of his cleft lip.

Sophie explained in the video that the breeder she bought him off told her: “Are you sure you want him, someone already passed on him because of his lip so we understand if you don't want him.”

The adorable video then shows various pics of the pooch that no one once loved from when he was a pup to what he looks like now.

Sophie captioned the clip: “The day you came home was the best day of my life.”

The staffy has touched lots of people's hearts – with the viral video now on 975,000 views and 178,000 likes.

People quickly rushed to the comments to share how amazing Sophie is for loving the pet pooch unconditionally.

One user commented: “The other people did not deserve him…he is so handsome.

"How could anyone see flaws in him. So glad you are his forever home!”

Another added: “Crying! Thank you for loving him!”

And a third said: “Who would pass up on this sweet lil face?! ADORABLE.”

Sophie wrote in the comments in response to some hateful comments: “He is not inbred nor was he bred irresponsibly and his condition is NOT a result of that, it is simply genetics.

“He came from a beautiful lady who loved him more than anything.

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She continued: “We took him because no one else wanted him because of how he looked, and we love him regardless.”

That brought a tear to our eye…

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