Stephen Colbert Reportedly Consoles Elon Musk After Losing Over $100 Billion

American late-night news and political satire talk show hosted by Stephen Colbert, Stephen Colbert offered Elon Musk some advice after the billionaire’s 2022 wealth loss exceeded $100 billion following several Twitter and business mishaps. As shares of Tesla Inc. dropped to the lowest level in two years, Colbert announced the troubling news on last night’s episode of The Late Show: “After a series of very public setbacks, Elon Musk’s 2022 wealth loss exceeds $100 billion.”

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After the audience dutifully applauded, the talk show host related to the Twitter owner. “Listen, Elon. I know belt tightening is no fun, but you’re not alone in these tough economic times! OK?,” joked Colbert. “All of us are having to cut back on how many cars we shoot into space.”

Still, Musk continues to hold the title of the richest man in the world with a fortune of $169.8 billion, according to Bloomberg and its Billionaires Index. Despite taking a $8.6 billion loss Monday and being down $100.5 billion this year after peaking at $340 billion a little more than a year ago, the Tesla CEO seems to be in good spirits.

Musk has been on a string of social media antics since buying Twitter. Most recently, he’s managed to fire half of Twitter’s employees ahead of the holidays, seen an exodus of celebrities leave the platform, unsuccessfully attempted to woo Donald Trump back to Twitter, and caused right wingers to cry into their salty laps after announcing a shadowbanning policy.

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