Stranger Things star Brett Gelman explains why hes a jaddy

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Brett Gelman is a self-proclaimed “jaddy.”

The “Stranger Things” star explained to Page Six that it’s a term he’s coined for a cross between a “zaddy” – a sexually attractive man, typically an older one – and a Jewish man cross-pollinating ’70s and ’90s New York streetwear fashion.

“I think both of those are very Jewish forms of dress. But really it’s projecting a positive Semitic masculine style,” Gelman, 45, told us via Zoom.

“There’s something incredibly attractive about our people and sexual about our people that I want to push that is not gross or ugly. And that’s really important to me.”

Gelman added that he’s proud to project this persona, saying, “I do think that anti-Semitism is somewhat the whispered bigotry until it’s being screamed and then we’re all being killed.”

The actor argued that it’s something he believes doesn’t get talked about enough.

“I think that it’s also something that can be sort of accepted,” he continued. “We’re also sort of a people that get caught in between all the groups. To white people, we’re not white; to people of color, we’re white. And both are true.”

While stressing that he’s talking specifically about Jews of Eastern European origin – ”because there are Jews of color, who are also incredibly oppressed” – Gelman noted, “I think we’re also hated by the right and we’re hated by the left. And I think there’s a real lack of nuance in discussing anti-Semitism.”

In recent months, Gelman has certainly been showing off his “jaddy” swagger while promoting Season 4 of “Stranger Things.”

His role as former investigative reporter Murray Bauman was introduced in Season 2 of the Netflix hit series. His character has a major juicy storyline in the current season, as he finds himself traveling with Joyce Byers (Winona Ryder) and employing some martial arts skills.

“I started [studying] it because of the show and I’ve been continuing. But I was studying it quite intensely for the show. Like, three months of training, four days a week,” he explained.

“I only have a slight rudimentary, understanding of it, but it’s definitely made me feel tougher and healed a lot of childhood, low self-esteem of feeling, not the most coordinated in the world,” he joked. “I wasn’t an athlete growing up, really.”

Gelman, who also stars as the vile Martin in “Fleabag,” told Page Six that he feels “very grateful” for all the “amazing artists” he’s gotten the chance to work with over the years, especially in these two shows.

“I just feel blessed to get to work with brilliant artists … being in these two shows that really cover a broad spectrum of versatility in programming and in art,” he said. “It’s very exciting.”

He continued, “I’m channeling the Duffers [Brothers], I’m channeling Phoebe Waller-Bridge. I’m their instrument in a lot of ways, and then filtering it through myself.”

So, does being in two gigantic pop culture shows mean Gelman has become an instantly recognizable face – perhaps a global superstar?

“I hope so,” he said with a laugh. “I like that. I like that title for me. Global superstar!”

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