Taylor Swift Shades Kanye West At VMAs On 10th Anniversary Of Infamous MTV Scandal

A decade after Kanye West grabbed that mic from her hands at the VMAs, Taylor opened the 2019 show, and made sure to get in a little dig at him before she hit the stage!

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since Kanye West let Taylor Swift finish at the VMAs? The world hasn’t yet forgotten the fateful moment that Kanye grabbed the mic from a bewildered Taylor at the 2009 VMAs to say that Beyonce should have won her award — especially Taylor. The “Me!” singer, 29, is back on top with the release of her new album, Lover, just two days before the 2019 MTA Video Music Awards. And she made damn sure everyone knew it, too! While on the VMAs red carpet on August 26, Taylor was, of course, asked about Kanye. She kept it simply, but her response had major bite.

Taylor was asked on the red carpet about what was in store for the awards show, which she was opening up with her new songs, “You Need To Calm Down” and “Lover”. “You never know what can happen on this show, as I’ve learned,” she responded, with a smirk. What was she going to do, not get a word in on the 10th anniversary of one of the biggest moments of her life? The 2019 VMAs come shortly after the artist released excerpts of her personal diary, including one from September 2009.

“If you had told me that one of the biggest stars in music was going to jump on stage and announce that he thought I shouldn’t have won on live television, I would’ve said, ‘That stuff doesn’t really happen in real life,” Taylor wrote a decade ago. “Well… apparently… It does.” As you may recall, Kanye hopped up onstage while Taylor, then 19, was accepting the Moon Man for Female Video of the Year, grabbed the mic from her hands, and announced that Beyonce should have won for “Single Ladies” instead. He really should’ve just let her finish.

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