Teenager pulled from plane crash on way to Man United game recalls horror ordeal

A teenager pulled from a burning plane alongside his little sister and uncle has said it is "unbelievable" they are all alive.

Jack Moore told how heroic motorists dragged the family from the flaming wreckage after the jet came down on the A40 in Abergavany on Sunday.

The 19-year-old said: “Absolutely unbelievable that me and my family have walked away from this, just want to say thank you to the passers by that helped us at the scene and also the emergency services.

"Thanks everyone for the messages, really appreciate it not quite up to replying to everyone at the moment – we are very lucky people.”

Jack had been on board the light aircraft with his 16-year-old sister Billy Manley and their pilot uncle Stuart Moore.

Mr Moore had been flying them to see Manchester United play Cardiff when the plane hit overhead power cables and burst into flames.

The aircraft went down as Mr Moore attempted an emergency landing on the A40.

The trio were saved by two heroic bystanders, Joel Snarr, 35, and Daniel Nicholson, 46, before it was completely overcome with flames.

First on the scene was Mr Nicholson who pulled two passengers from the wreckage after smashing the plane's windows.

He had been returning from picking his son up from a friend's house when the plane plummeted to the ground directly in front of him just after 11am.

Daniel said: "The plane came from nowhere, and if it had been two seconds later it would have hit us.

"The plane literally burst into flames in front of me and it had landed upside down.

"I screeched to a halt, and didn't hesitate – I could see there were people in there.

"I could see a young girl from my side, as there was no fire my side, and I knew I could get access.

"She was terrified, screaming because she could see the fire.

"I initially tried to smash the front window of the plane but I couldn't.

"Then I noticed a crack in the back and began kicking it.

"She was kicking from the inside, helping and eventually I was able to drag her out and a boy who looked to be a sibling, they seemed a similar age, around 19-20."

Daniel was assisted by ex bomb sergeant Joel Snarr, from the other side of the dual carriageway, as they struggled to pull the pilot out.

Snarr, who was medically discharged with PTSD this year, was in the car with his wife when the aircraft came down.

He bolted towards the scene where he found another young man trying to kick through the window of the plane.

He told the BBC: "There was someone from the other side of the dual carriageway, trying to kick the window through.

"I grabbed the lady by the belt and pulled her out.

"The pilot then put out his hands and I heaved him out.

"We got them away from the plane, which was getting hotter and hotter."

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