Tesco's Christmas sandwiches 2020 include a pigs under blankets sub and a turkey curry wrap

TESCO has unveiled its Christmas sandwich range for 2020 – and it includes a pigs under blankets sub and a turkey curry wrap.

The range includes a variety of different sandwich flavours, some of which can be used as part of its meal deal option too.

Priced from just £2.50, they're available at more than 2,700 Tesco stores, including 1,828 local Tesco Express shops across the UK.

You'll also be able to buy them later on this week online too.

The turkey curry and bhaji wrap is made with succulent turkey, creamy tikka mayonnaise, leafy green spinach and a spiced onion bhaji, all encased in an Indian spiced tortilla.

Tesco has said it's inspired by the classic turkey curry that everyone makes

Inspired by turkey curry leftovers from Christmas Day, this wrap is ideal for people who are looking for something a little bit different. 

It's on sale for £2.75 and can also be used as part of a Tesco meal deal, which costs £3 and includes a main, side and a drink.

The supermarket also has a pigs under blankets sub roll on offer too.

It contains pork sausage, mayonnaise, beechwood smoked bacon, sage and onion stuffing and cranberry sauce.

The sub is a in a white roll with has been flavoured with sage and dried fried onion.

It's £2.50 per sandwich but can also be used as part of a meal deal.

Other sandwiches in Tesco's Christmas line up include a turkey and trimmings sandwich, a brie and cranberry sandwich and a root vegetable and chesnut wrap.

Not all of Tesco's Christmas sandwiches are included in the meal deal offer.

They two that aren't included are its high-end range, a Finest turkey feast sandwich for £3 and a vegan Wicked Kitchen festive feast wrap for £3.

Tesco product developer, Stephanie Bacon said: "Last year, Tesco sold 4 million sandwiches to those looking for a festive meal at work, at home or on the move.

"This year the most popular sandwiches, turkey and trimmings sandwich and turkey and trimmings wrap, have been joined by the brand-new Tesco Plant Chef root veg & chestnut wrap, which was developed as we continue to see an increased desire for plant-based Christmas alternatives."

Tesco’s Christmas sandwiches for 2020

Tesco has told us what its Christmas sandwiches for 2020 are. They include:

  • Plant Chef root veg & chestnut wrap – £2.75
  • Turkey & trimmings sandwich – £2.75
  • Pigs under blankets sub – £2.50
  • Turkey & trimmings sub – £2.50
  • Turkey & trimmings wrap – £2.75
  • Brie and cranberry sandwich – £2.50
  • Turkey curry & onion bhaji – £2.75
  • Gluten free turkey trimmings sandwich – £2.75
  • Finest turkey feast sandwich – £3
  • Wicked Kitchen festive feast wrap – £3

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