The 10 Most Expensive Restaurants In Los Angeles, As Of 2022

When it comes to fine dining in Los Angeles, it’s expected that celebrities only eat at the most expensive restaurants in town. Some celebs have loved the restaurant business so much that they have even embarked on business ventures and have gone on to lead a successful chain of restaurants, such as Robert De Niro with the Nobu restaurant franchise. But what is it that keeps some of Hollywood’s most popular A-list actors dishing out hundreds per person for a five-course meal? Could it be the exotic blend of cuisines or is it merely the perks of being situated in the Los Angeles area? Whatever keeps the money rolling in, here are ten of the most expensive restaurants in Los Angeles.


10 Providence

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Providence is a high-end seafood restaurant located at 5955 Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California. Owned by the legendary Chef Michael Cimarusti, he has set his restaurant in a class of its own with a tasty array of seafood platters. Among his many awards and accolades, they include being listed among the Top 50 Restaurants in The United States by Gourmet Magazine, the Best Seafood Restaurant by Los Angeles Magazine, as well as two Michelin stars for starters. A seating price per head at this exquisite fine-dining restaurant starts at $120 and can go up to $325. Big names such as Brad Pitt and Sarah Jessica Parker are among those who frequent this high-caliber food spot.


9 The Penthouse At Mastro’s

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Located in the celebrity capital of Beverly Hills, California, The Penthouse at Mastro’s is an upscale steakhouse around the Beverly Canon Gardens area. Serving an exceptional selection of dishes such as fillet steaks, fish curry, crispy duck, squid ink pasta, and tasty butter cakes, this penthouse paradise is known for attracting celebrities such as rapper T.I., Jamie Foxx, and Jessica Simpson who have become regulars to the 90210 hot spot. There’s no doubt that this is a favorite for many Hollywood actors as Mastro’s Steakhouse has been spotted countless times in the background of paparazzi celebrity interviews. The prices range somewhere around $61.00 per person and there are about twelve restaurant locations spread from the West to the East coast of the U.S.


8 71 Above

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While guests may be enticed by the superb food selection of dishes like the Steak Tartare, seafood scallops, and suckling food loin at 71 Above, the main reason visitors don’t mind paying $78 per person is the view of downtown Los Angeles that promises to leave anyone smitten. Perched high above the US Bank Tower on the 54th floor of the building that was once ranked as the tallest in L.A. If you’re looking to knock the ball out of the park on the first date, this is where you want to take your love interest. Perhaps this is Kanye’s secret weapon to getting all the models!


7 Soho House West Hollywood

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Just like a real-life re-enactment of Tom Cruise’s Eyes Wide Shut drama mystery film, Soho House West Hollywood has a determined selection of Hollywood stars they allow into their British-founded, members-only club. Believe it or not, the highest price tag in this restaurant isn’t a superb entre or a deluxe three-course meal. It’s actually a membership fee of $1800 a year per club or $2400 if you want to visit all nine club locations around the world. What’s more spectacular about Soho House is that they’re extremely selective – not everyone makes the cut as a member. Among the Hollywood celebrities who are known members are Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel, Ben Silverman, and Sylvester Stallone.


6 Nobu Los Angeles

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Not all celebrities are desperate to be qualified for a special club membership. Why try to fit into a club to eat fancy food when you could start your own restaurant? This was the thought process of Robert De Niro in 1994 when he founded Nobu Restaurant with celebrity chef Nobu Matsuhisa, restaurateur Drew Nieporent, and investor Meir Tepe. The restaurant chain offers specialized Japanese cuisine and now boasts an extensive chain of 50 restaurants worldwide including 13 hotels as of 2020. Nobu Los Angeles is by far one of the most popular, being patronized by celebrities such as Drake, Bon Jovi, Justin Bieber, Mary J. Blige, Eva Longoria, and many others. The average price ranger per head is between $20 and $80, which isn’t bad for the type of crowd that frequently dines at the establishment.

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5 Il Cielo

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If you’re looking for somewhere offering a menu with uniquely refreshing tastes in the Beverly Hills area, Il Cielo will be the best option. Located in Beverly Hills, California, the restaurant blends traditional Italian dishes with the flair of Japan. The dishes of Chef Sasake are truly remarkable in feature, with an equally remarkable price starting at $88 to $118 per head. The charming romantic spot is also home to very many Hollywood celebrities, including Brooke Mueller, Paris Hilton, rapper Tyga, Jennifer Aniston, Ellen DeGeneres, Colin Farrell, and Christian Bale. The restaurant has also been featured as a setting in many Hollywood videos, such as Legally Blonde and Adam Sandler’s Spanglish as well as TV shows like Entourage.


4 Perch

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Located on the 15th floor of an old office building at 448 South Hill Street in Los Angeles, CA, Perch is an ideal name for the rooftop restaurant and bar. The outdoor patio dining is an attractive spot for celebrities or anyone looking to enjoy a slice of the high life, literally! Overlooking Perishing Square, the restaurant serves three succulent French-inspired menus – the first is a three-course Brunch at $45 per person; the second is a four-course dinner menu at $65 per person, and the third is another four-course dinner menu at $75 per person. Even Pitch Perfect actress Brittany Snow was found basking in the ambiance of the elevated diner.


3 Fogo De Chao Brazillian Steakhouse

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If you ever felt the need to branch out from traditional North American dishes and try something with more of a Brazilian twist, then Fogo de Chao may very well be the change you’re looking for. Conveniently located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, the Brazilian steakhouse is known for practicing its centuries-old slow-roasting churrasco technique for producing high-quality meat. While it isn’t your typical place to spot a celebrity, it still makes for a great experience for either friends or family. Prices usually range anywhere from $31 to $50 per person.


2 The Rooftop At The Wayfarer

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The Rooftop at The Wayfarer in downtown Los Angeles is the epitome of what an urban oasis would be. Ideally located on the roof of The Wayfarer building on 813 South Flower Street in Los Angeles, CA, you are given a pristine view of the surrounding skyscrapers while feasting on a meal that you have the chance to construct personally, or you can opt for one of the chef’s delightful meals. The average price of the 10-course menu can run close to $70.00 per person, but it’s all worth it for the price!


1 Vespertine

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Located in the Culver City area of Los Angeles, Vespertine is described as a non-conformist, non-culture fine dining restaurant, both in terms of the building’s architecture and cuisine. The best was saved for last in regards to the pricing for this fine dining experience, a whopping $250 per person, exclusive of a cocktail! Admittedly, people visit this place for the sheer experience, which features unconventional plating and food preparation at the hands of the restaurant’s executive chef, Jordan Khan. Compared to other fine-dining restaurants around the world, this one is in class all its own when it comes to breaking the mold of modern dining.

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