The 2021 Oscars: Inside The $205,000 Swag Bags Given To Nominees

The 93rd annual Oscars are unfolding way differently than most had hoped, due to the global pandemic. Concessions are being made for the academy to be able to present awards and recognize the top performing actors and movies in a safe way. Social distancing measures are in place for those who are attending in person, and many aspects of the awards ceremony will actually be shot like movie scenes, from different areas, and woven together to create a digital experience. With so many pieces of the puzzle being forced to conform, there is one incredible factor that will remain consistent and ever-so impressive; the Oscars Swag Bag.

Fox News reports that each lucky contestant that is nominated, will receive the ‘Everyone Wins’ bag, that is stuffed full of very expensive goodies. The glitz and the glamor of the in-person show may be toned down, but the swag bags are as fancy as ever. The value of each bag is a jaw-dropping $205,000. This year, the swag bags are as full as ever before, but the contents pack a different kind of punch.

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The 2021 swag bags are reflective of our times, and the current situation is one that depicts racial and social injustice, as well as a the covid-19 global crisis. There are definite hints of these two critical themes that are prominently featured by the items that are gifted in this year’s bags.

Marketing firm Distinctive Assets is behind this year’s bags, and upon speaking with Forbes, they have made it known that many of the items found within these swanky bags have been created by “female-owned businesses, black-owned businesses, disabled entrepreneurs and companies who give back — even ones that you wouldn’t necessarily think give back.”

The swag bags are jam-packed this year, and are valued at a whopping $205,000 each, making fans very curious about what types of goodies are found inside.

Wonder no more.

Fox News reports that each of these swanky take-away bags contain “a three-night stay at the 152-year-old Pater Noster Lighthouse in Sweden, a four-night stay for two at Golden Door spa, 10 personal training sessions with trainer Alexis Seletzky and a consultation with cosmetic surgeon and liposuction specialist Dr. Thomas Su.”

Also included are items directly correlated to health and fitness, which are especially on-trend given the current times we are living in. Such items include; “C60 Purple Power antioxidants and a lifetime app subscription to The Happiness Planner guided journals.”. Each bag also contains the Taiyi Institute’s TYQA sound acupuncture disc, which uses soundwaves for the purpose of healing, and Soul Shropshire candles, which are made of essential oils.

Forbes tells curious fans that these lucky celebrities will also receive; “24-karat gold vape cartridges from Hollowtips and sleep capsules that blend CBD with low-dose melatonin and a hemp salve from Fifth Element for post-workout recovery. It also has a limited edition Don’t Cookbook,” among other incredible goodies.

We’re sure to see many of the exciting items being flaunted in post-award interviews and on the social media outlets of the stars.

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