The 5 best movies and TV shows to stream in May

It’s time to spring clean your streaming queues. 

Every month, services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO Now and more update their catalogues of film and television with new offerings – and lose a few – which means it’s time for viewers to update what’s on their to-watch lists. 

This May has an eclectic group of new choices from critically acclaimed dramas to juicy teen soaps to Oscar-winning films. Here are the five best TV and film options to enjoy this month. 

Indya Moore as Angel competes in the 1987 ballroom category S in the pilot of 'Pose.' (Photo: JoJo Whilden/FX)

If you love Ryan Murphy shows: ‘Pose’

“Pose” received a lot of attention for its groundbreaking cast, which includes a record number of actors from the LGBTQ community, but it’s more than just a diversity headline. The series from Murphy, who also produced “American Horror Story” and “Glee,” is fun, funny and tragic. It focuses on the lives of trans and gay people who live in the late 1980s New York and participate in competitive, community-run drag shows. The eight-episode first season is an easy and delightful binge-watch that will get you prepared for the Season 2 premiere on FX on June 11 (10 EDT/PDT). 

Stream it on Netflix starting May 10. 

Niecy Nash, from left, Jenn Lyon, Carrie Preson and Judy Reyes are the women of 'Claws.' (Photo: Wilson Web)

If you love summer heat drama: ‘Claws’

TNT’s “Claws” is a melodramatic wonder of a series starring Niecy Nash as the owner of a Miami nail salon who launders money for local organized crime. The series wraps a gritty crime drama in neon nail polish is a winning strategy, maintaining a sense of fun between the violence and criminal activity. Its cast, which also includes Carrie Preston (“The Good Wife”) and Judy Reyes (“Scrubs”), is joyous to watch. Its third season premieres June 9 (9 EDT/PDT).  

Stream season 1 on Hulu. (Season 2 will be available May 12). 

Actor Luke Perry portrayed Fred Andrews on The CW's "Riverdale." (Photo: Diyah Pera/THE CW)

If you miss Luke Perry and love teen drama: ‘Riverdale’

Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead are in trouble. A lot of trouble. CW’s dark, steamy adaptation of Archie Comics characters, “Riverdale,” has spun even further out of control in its third season, which is available on Netflix beginning May 23. If you love bewildering but emotional mysteries and conspiracies, and want to appreciate a great performance from Luke Perry, who died this year, the series is reliable. Check out the first two seasons before the third comes later this month. 

Stream it on Netflix. 

John Hurt and Chris Evans in a scene from 'Snowpiercer.' (Photo: Radius-TWC)

If you love Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton and surrealism: ‘Snowpiercer’

Looking slightly less chiseled and a lot dirtier than he does as Captain America, Chris Evans stars in this post-apocalyptic thriller from director Bong Joon-ho (“Okja”) about a train that holds the last surviving members of humanity after a second ice age destroys the world. The rich, privileged class lives at the front of the train while the downtrodden masses starve in the back and, eventually, revolution strikes. 

Stream it on Netflix. 

Jim Carrey, with Kate Winslet, got serious as a man who undergoes a procedure to erase his ex from his memory in 2004's "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind." (Photo: DAVID LEE/FOCUS FILMS)

If you want something whimsical: ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’

If the color palette and tone of Jim Carrey’s Showtime series “Kidding” is your thing, you might want to check this first collaboration between the comedian and his “Kidding” director Michel Gondry. The 2004 film, which won a screenwriting Oscar, is light sci-fi that takes place in a world where you can have a la carte memory erasure done to forget bad times in your life, like an ex you broke up with. When Carrey’s Joel realizes his former lover Clementine (Kate Winslet) had him erased, he sets out to take her out of his memory, but instantly has regrets. 

Stream it on Starz. 

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