The 8 Most Expensive Jacob & Co. Watches Owned By CelebritiesThe 8 Most Expensive Jacob & Co. Watches Owned By Celebrities

Jacob & Co. is known for its highly complicated and visually appealing timepieces, and many celebrities and athletes have purchased and customized beautiful watches that cost a fortune.

Jacob Arabo emigrated to New York City from the USSR when he was fourteen years of age, where he found interest in jewelry-making after leaving high school. In 1986, Arabo established his jewelry store selling innovative and custom pieces, most notably worn by celebrities. Wanting to create unique timepiece designs with innovation, he created his first watch, the Five Time Zone, in 2002. With several watches gaining recognition through magazine features, Jacob & Co. saw astronomical success in the 2010s. The bold designs became the brand’s identity and featured large jewels that made a statement. Today it has become one of the most valued watchmakers in the world.

From Floyd Mayweather’s diamond-encrusted watch worth millions to brand ambassador Cristiano Ronaldo’s stunning Bugatti-centered timepiece, each creation by Jacob & Co. has been a distinctive and unusual accessory adored by watch lovers everywhere. Let’s look at the most expensive Jacob & Co. watches owned by celebrities.

8 Floyd Mayweather- Jacob & Co. Billionaire ($18 million)

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Floyd Mayweather has always loved bling, so it is no surprise that the former boxer purchased one of the most expensive Jacob & Co. watches. As mentioned by Forbes, his Billionaire timepiece was created in 2015 through a collaboration with his company SARL and Flavio Briatore. Mayweather’s watch features 260 emerald-cut diamonds, an 18-carat white gold case, and a diamond-encrusted bracelet. He was spotted wearing the watch during his appearances at NBA games and while conducting a photoshoot decked out in his other diamond jewels.

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7 Simu Liu- Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Black ($320,000)

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The Met Gala has always seen celebrities bringing their best foot forward, and Simu Liu made his debut in 2021 with style. Dressed in a bespoke white suit, he matched the outfit with his Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Black timepiece. The timepiece featured a platinum case with a see-through interior and an eye-popping red strap. It also featured diamonds encrusted in its dial. Only 18 units were produced of Astronomia Solar Black, making it a rare find.

6 Conor McGregor- Jacob & Co. Astronomia ‘Baguette’ Tourbillon ($1 million)

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In early 2021, Conor McGregor showed off a new addition to his sprawling watch collection, an Astronomia ‘Baguette’ Tourbillon. The million-dollar watch has 342 baguette-cut diamonds with additional 80 invisible diamonds in the back, as noted by HypeBeast. The rose gold timepiece has modern horological movements with a see-through case. McGregor reportedly purchased the Astronomia while visiting Dubai and took Instagram to share the photos and videos.

5 Jay-Z- Jacob & Co. Rainbow Tourbillon ($450,000)


Rapper Jay-Z might be a fan of Richard Mille, but the rapper has also added a stunning Jacob & Co. watch to his collection with the Rainbow Tourbillon. The limited-edition timepiece has an 18-carat white gold case with 294 baguette-cut diamonds. Additionally, there are 204 baguette-cut diamonds encrusted in the white gold dial. The jeweled watch is completed with a simple black leather strap. Jay-Z has often worn the Rainbow Tourbillon during his music performances at concerts.

4 Drake- Jacob & Co. Astronomia Casino ($620,000)

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Drake has always been used to buying custom timepieces, and his most unique watch in the collection is Jacob & Co.’s stunning Astronomia Casino. As mentioned by Robb Report, the stand-out watch has a red and black functional roulette wheel with a four-arm setup. It has a triple-axis tourbillon, Roman numerals that display time, a globe-shaped ceramic ball, and a 1-carat Jacob-cut diamond. He is often spotted wearing the timepiece during suave events.

3 David Beckham- Jacob & Co. Global 3 ($32,000)

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A fan of Jacob & Co, David Beckham has added several watchmakers’ watches to his collection since the 90s. In 2011, he purchased the Global three watch in New York and posed with the strapping watch for a special feature. Finished with a black leather strap, the pentagon-shaped displayed five separate circular dials inside showing the timings for New York, LA, Tokyo, Paris, and the local time.

2 Cristiano Ronaldo- Jacob & Co. Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Baguette ($1 million)

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As one of the highest-paid athletes in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo’s lifestyle has become a pinnacle of luxury, and one of his signature accessories is wearing a stylish timepiece. He worked with the founder Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co. to create a custom timepiece Bugatti Chiron Tourbillon Baguette, to match the car owned by him, as stated by Luxury Launches. It has 21 carats worth of gemstones with 109 black sapphires and 232 white baguette diamonds. Additionally, the timepiece adorns a CR7 branding on its dial.

1 Meek Mill- Jacob & Co. Five Time Zone ($14,800)

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A groundbreaking watch from Jacob & Co.’s heritage collection, the Five Time Zone timepiece was a unique experiment by the watchmaker. Meek Mill, who wears his on casual days, has the watch with a white gold diamond case. Inside, it has popping red, blue, and yellow colors and features additional time zones of LA, New York, Tokyo, and Paris, along with real-time.

Other notable celebrities who are regular fans of Jacob & Co. include 50 Cent, Madonna, Rihanna, Elton John, Mariah Carey, and many more. With its special blend of elements like baguette-cut diamonds to using a real-time roulette in a watch, Jacob & Co. has continued to increase the expectations of its high-profile buyers with every creation.

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