The best times to shop for bargains in TK Maxx, Matalan and more where you can get up to 50% off

THERE’S nothing more frustrating than thinking you've bagged a bargain to only find it has been discounted just days later.

But there’s a way of making sure you can time your shopping trips perfectly to bag your bits for less – and never pay full price for items.

Shops often plan when they’re going to reduce items ahead of time.

Mapping out key dates in your diary when you should check out your favourite stores for deals could help you shave hundreds of pounds off your shopping over the year.

The Sun has spoken to experts who reckon you could save up to 50% just by getting your timings right.

Jordan Cox, dubbed Britain’s Coupon Kid, said the general rule when shopping in high street stores is to go in super early or as late as you can.

“Heading in at opening time gets you first dibs at the reduced stock, while last thing at night can get you some newly discounted items that wont sell,” he said.

“Savings can range anywhere from 10%-50% off – depending on store and time of day.”

Here’s when professional savers shop at Britain’s favourite stores like TK Maxx and Matalan to bag their bits for less.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx is known for flogging designer labels for knock-off prices.

It promises to offer shoppers up to 60% off the recommended retail price of its goods – and sells clothes, furniture, shoes and even more.

While you might think that sounds like you can grab goods for rock bottom prices, some of its items are still quite pricey. 

For example, this DKNY coat will set you back £90, and while this Maison Seers brown bag was £450 and is now £90, it’s still expensive if you’re on a budget.

However, savvy saver Charlotte Jessop, who runs the personal finance blog Looking After Your Pennies, says you can get an extra 20% off in the TK Maxx sales.

This means you can knock a total 80% off the recommended retail prices of items by timing your hauls right.

To do this, head to the shop at the end of the season – this is when shops try to shift stock to make way for new trends.

So go at the end of February, May, August, and November where your chance at getting bigger discounts is higher.

“It is worth popping in at the end of a season, for example, when back to school season ends,” she says.

“Shops will be looking to clear stock to make room for whatever comes next, so you might find your usual bargains at priced even lower."

If you’re looking for new items – and not specifically discounted items – you should shop in the mornings when their stock gets delivered, Charlotte added. 

“If you want the pick of the best stuff then mid-morning onwards is a great time to go."


Shopping at stores after an event like Father’s Day or Mother’s day can be a great way to bag chocolates and gifts for less.

B&M is especially good for picking up bargains like this, money saving blogger Joseph Seager said. 

Joseph, who runs the money saving blog Thrifty Chap, says you can get half price – or even more – off your haul. 

He says he makes sure to visit shops after these events to buy gifts that he can use for birthdays or presents at a later date.

“My dad's birthday is a month after Father's Day so we can pick up bargains like grandad socks and gift them for his birthday,” he said.

However, as stock is limited at B&M and deal hunters often swoop on the best bits, it can sometimes be a risk waiting for too long – else your items might already be gone.

There’s an app you can use anytime while you’re shopping to make sure you’re getting the best price on items.

B&M’s free barcode scanner allows shoppers to find discounted items – sometimes costing as little as 10p – before they've been reduced by staff.

The scanner is free to use – you just need to download the B&M app.

When you've found a product you want to scan, simply point your smartphone camera toward its barcode.

The app will then automatically bring up the item's price – this is when you'll know if it is reduced or not.


Poundland is famous for its cheap deals and bargains.

But you can get even more off your haul if you time your shop right.

You can bag clearance items for as little as 25p, co-founder Tom Church said – but be prepared to set your alarm.

Going in stores early as soon as they open is the time you’re most likely to bag treats for less, he said, with fruit for 25p and sandwiches for 50p.

This is because staff will try and shift food close to its sell by date as quickly as possible to make room for more stock.

Tom added to head to the seasonal aisles after events like Halloween, Valentine’s Day and Christmas where items can be reduced to the same prices.

“Seasonal items are always reduced to bargain prices, which can save you a handsome penny for next year,” he said.


Shoppers love Matalan for its affordable clothes and homeware.

But you can get your haul for less using a number of tricks, money saving blogger Naomi Willis said.

When you sign up to the Matalan Rewards card, you can get a voucher worth £5 to spend if you spend £25 or more.

It’s free to sign up for the card, and you can apply on Matalan’s website.

If you time this right and shop during the sales – again, the sales usually happen seasonally – then you can get your haul for even less.

Or, you can sign up and spend the voucher in time for a special occasion, such as Christmas or a family’s birthday.

Make sure to shop when it’s your birthday as well – you’ll be given a voucher worth the same amount too on your big day.

“You also get offered more coupons to save on your shop throughout the year, sometimes getting an on-the-spot discount when you checkout,” she said.


As Primark is so cheap all year around, it doesn’t have the usual seasonal sales like other retailers do.

But there’s often “secret” sale items in store if you know when – and where – to look.

These items can be reduced by half or more of their original price and are more likely to land on the rails, once again, when the seasonal sales hit.

However, ex-Primark workers have revealed that the best times to hunt for newly discounted clobber is early in the week.

"I used to look through the sale rails weekly as every week some stock gets reduced and sometimes stock that is reduced can get missed where staff have so much to mark down,” ex worker Aimee previously told The Sun.

It’s always best to ask Primark’s staff whether there’s discounted items ready to go out in the back when you’re out shopping.

You might find a bargain that no one has had a chance to bag yet.

Look at the back of the store as well – this is where sale items will usually be placed in shops.

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