The Crown depicts state funeral row furiously denied by the royals

The Crown risks reigniting row with the Palace by claiming the Queen and Prince Philip didn’t want Diana to have a state funeral – despite furious denial at the time that this was ‘the opposite of the truth’

  • WARNING: This article contains spoilers
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Series six of The Crown is set to drag up a rumour Buckingham Palace has previously labelled ‘the opposite of truth’ over Princess Diana’s funeral.

In the fourth episode of the final instalment of Netflix’s royal drama which lands on the streaming playform on 16 November, Prince Charles is reeling from his ex-wife’s death and struggles to hold it together while making arrangements for her funeral.

Scenes from the episode depict him at odds with his parents, the late Queen and Prince Philip, over the issue of a state funeral for Princess Diana.

In the drama, the royal couple suggest the funeral should be a ‘Spencer family matter’ whereas Charles insists a state funeral is necessary and appropriate.

However, this plotline goes directly against a furious statement issued by Buckingham Palace in 1997 amid reports there was a disagreement behind the scenes over Diana’s funeral.

Series 6 of The Crown wull depict Princess Diana’s final days and the aftermath of her death – including a controversial scene where the royal family argues over a state funeral for her

In the fourth episode of the new series, Charles returns from Paris, where he had travelled to retrieve Diana’s body, he discusses her funeral with his parents.

An argument ensues about whether Diana should be laid to rest in a private Spencer funeral, or whether she should have a state funeral.

Prince Philip declares the funeral is a ‘Spencer family matter’.

Charles hits back and says: ‘The prime minister believes in a public funeral, a state occasion in all but name – and I agree with him.’

A state funeral was held for Princess Diana on 6 September, 1997, a week after she died in a car crash in Paris

The Queen says: ‘That would mean leaving Scotland and participating in some huge spectacle in London.

Phili adds: ‘Do you really want to out the boys through that? They’d have to walk behind the coffin in front of all those cameras.’

Shortly after Princess Diana’s death, Channel 4 News reported that, while Charles was insistent upon a state funeral for the mother of his sons, the late Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip were at odds with him.

Channel 4 also reported that Diana’s brother, Earl Spencer, had argued with the Royal Family over her funeral arrangements.

The TV station said ‘high-level sources’ at the Palace had reported tensions behind the scenes over the funeral, claiming that the Queen, her private secretary Sir Robert Fellowes and her aides wanted Diana’s body to rest in a private mortuary before the funeral.

According to the report, Charles furiously overruled the suggestion following a ‘blazing row’.

In response to the report, Buckingham Palace issued a strenuous denial that senior royals wanted to give Princess Diana a private funeral.

The Palace released a strongly-worded statement describing the report as ‘the opposite of the truth’.

In the stern rebuttal, the wording of which is almost unprecedented for the Royal Family, the statement read: ‘In the aftermath of the tragic death of the Princess of Wales, there has been a wave of speculation and inaccurate stories about the events leading up to, and subsequent to, the funeral. These stories need to be corrected.’

Although the statement admitted there had been ‘some minor differences over points of detail’, these issues were ‘swiftly and amicably resolved’.

It added that the stories reported by Channel 4 were ‘the direct opposite of the truth’. 

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