The Dos & Don’ts Of Feeding Your Cat Or Dog A Vegetarian Diet

Humans can be vegetarians, but can our pets be too? We explore what to do and what not to do if you want to cut meat out of your cats and dogs’ diets.

It has recently become abundantly clear to the human race that we have done a serious amount of damage to the planet we call home. There’s a very real chance that damage is irreparable. Nevertheless, many of us are frantically looking for ways in which we can reverse the damage we have done, or at least prevent us from doing any more.

Along with ditching one-use plastics and exploring alternative forms of energy, one of the biggest ways humans are trying to make a change is by switching up our diets. The meat industry does an incredible amount of damage to the planet. It’s estimated that around 375 million people are vegetarian worldwide right now.

With more and more options being made available, it is now relatively easy for anyone to be vegetarian should they choose to be. But what about our pets? PETA recently published some handy tips for dog and cat owners who might be confused as to whether their furry friends need meat to live a full life, and we are here to pass on that information.

Dogs need taurine and L-carnitine as part of a balanced diet which can be found in raw meat. However, most good quality, meat-free dog food now contains those things. If you’re making your dog’s food at home, you can buy the essentials in the form of powders and add them yourself. Cats are a little more complicated, as is often the case with our complex feline companions.

Cats require Vitamin A, taurine, and arachidonic acid which are again, all found in meat. However, just like with the vitamins and minerals dogs need, most are present in all good cat foods nowadays, and can also be added afterward. If you are planning on transitioning your pet to a meat-free diet, be sure to do it gradually, perhaps over the course of a couple of weeks. Bear in mind that all cats and dogs are different too. If they don’t react well to the change in diet, then switch back to what they are accustomed to.

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