The five star signs that are great with money

Astrology: Expert explains what your star sign means about you

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Some people are great with money – they know when to save and when to spend. But there are others who flounder it away carelessly. According to astrology, which zodiac signs are best at handling their cash?


Expert astrologers at Astrotalk predicted that Capricorn is the best zodiac sign when it comes to money.

This is because it is the “Karmic planet” and “believes in discipline”, disinclined to fritter away money.

Capricorn also knows when money will work in their favour, so keeps hold of it for a rainy day.

This sign is extremely motivated by money and because they work diligently they acquire lots of it.

Because of their general attitude towards life and work, “wealth and success in the same come to them automatically”.


After Capricorn, Aquarius takes the second top spots when it comes to saving and spending money wisely.

This sign is known for their “braininess and genius mindset”, as well as their “inventive and innovative” ways of making money – they think outside the box.

Aquarius’ “discipline” also means they don’t spend all the money they make on ridiculous pursuits, instead saving it and looking at the “bigger picture”.

Their ability to “play it safe” serves them well, refusing to put their “wealthy wellbeing” in jeopardy.

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Virgo has a “clear vision” when it comes to money, and they are driven to work hard in order to acquire it in spades.

Resourceful Virgo is ruled by planet Mercury, which “deals deeply with liquid cash”.

This sign understands the value of money and appreciates and respects its importance in life.

They “automatically possess the precision to save money” meaning they can have lots in the bank.


Taurus “rules the five senses”, meaning they are “great towards sensing the vibe of a good and bad decision in terms of money”.

Taurus struggles slightly when tempted by luxuries and lavish things, as this sign is certainly one for decadence.

However overall they are known for their “stable nature” – “they don’t spend easily or take out money from their purse on spur of the moment”.

“Taurus belongs to the Earth element and Venus planet, which is known to be the best for money, wealth, and abundance.”


Libra is known as the planet of “money and love”, with planet Venus “automatically attracting wealth and abundance into the lives of the Libra natives”.

Libra falls down financially when they give into the temptation of “lavishness”, which this sign absolutely loves.

This sign is also great at “flaunting” their money and “lavishness” when it works for them.

However, when Libra accepts financial advice they can “follow the right path” which often leads to a pot of gold.

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