The Highest Grossing Films Of Comedian Katt Williams

You may have heard of the actor and comedian, Mike Myers, in The Cat in The Hat movie, but this next comedian is a different breed of animal altogether. We’ll be talking about Katt Williams, a man whose sardonic and sometimes brash jokes gets him into quite a bit of controversy. Born Micah Sierra Williams in Cincinnati, Ohio on September 2 1971, Williams was an outstanding school student but chose to fend for himself at the age of 13. Beginning in his hometown, Williams honed his craft as a standup comedian until he became a regular on the BET standup programs such as Comic View. As an actor, he is best known for his appearances in Ice Cube’s Friday After Next and Norbit, where he starred beside the comedy king, Eddie Murphy. Here are 8 of the highest-grossing films by Katt Williams.


7 Cats And Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore – $113.026 Million

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Like many of the comedians before him, Katt knows how effective and lucrative comedy can be when you add in a few talking animals or computer-animated objects, such as with the Ice Age movie franchise and the Toy Story films. So, in 2010, he lent his voice to a dim-witted carrier pigeon named Seamus in the 2010 spy comedy film, Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore. The film highlights the secret lives of highly intelligent cats and dogs who work together to stop the bitter revenge of a Sphynx cat named Kitty Galore, played by actress Bette Midler. The main character is a German Shephard played by Diggs (James Marsden) as well as Butch (Nick Nolte) and a Russian Blue Cat named Catherine (Christina Applegate). The film grossed $113.026 million at the box office.


6 Scary Movie V – $78.613 Million

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The Scary Movie film franchise began in the year 2000 and was developed by Keenan Ivory Wayans, Shawn Wayans, and Marlon Wayans. The movies became instant classics and over the years, not a single one has failed to strike gold at the box office, grossing close to $900 million in box office sales in total. The latest version of the movie, Scary Movie V, grossed the least of all the films with $78.613 million in global box office earnings, despite having a diverse cast which included actress Ashley Tisdale, comedian Terry Crews , the late rapper Mac Miller, Snoop Dogg, and yours truly, Katt Williams.


5 First Sunday – $38.810 Million

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In 2008, Williams showed why there are crooks in the streets and in the church in the crime comedy film, First Sunday. The film follows a pair of friends and small time Baltimore criminals named Durell played by rapper/actor Ice Cube, and Lee John played by Tracy Morgan. After struggling to find stable job due to their criminal history, Durell is motivated to rob a church which is motivated by the threats of his ex, Ouminque (Regina Hall) who plans of moving to Atlanta with his son, Durell Jr. After holding the church members hostage, the secret intentions of the deacon (Michael Beach) are revealed as he wants to move the church to a better, more posh neighborhood, much to the dismay of the church members and the pastor, played by Chi McBride. The movie grossed $38.810 million globally.

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4 Friday After Next – $33.526 Million

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Williams has always had an interest in the hip hop music culture and even pursued a music career apart from his other natural talent of comedy. According to The Famous People, he was unofficially signed to the Harlem rapper Cam’ron’s group, The Diplomats, in 2006 and has also collaborated with artists such as rapper the The Game and Baby Bash. He has also collaborated with another hip-hop legend, Ice Cube, but this time on a stoner comedy film called Friday After Next. Released in 2002, the movie was the third and final installment of the Friday trilogy and grossed $33.526 million at the box office. Besides Williams playing the role of Money Mike, the film also starred comedian Mike Epps, Terry Crews, and the late John Witherspoon.


3 Father Figures – $21.038 Million

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While he has done his best to remains independent as a comedian and actor, there’s no denying the fact that Katt Williams is among one of the funniest comedians of our modern day. His talent, as well as his highly controversial content, has landed him in the company of other influential comedians and actors, such as those in the comedy film, Father Figures, starring another comedy king Owen Wilson, and Ed Helms. The film follows two fraternal twin brothers named Kyle (Owen Wilson) and Peter Reynolds (Ed Helms) who are raised by their mother Helen (Glenn Close). After Helen marries her new husband, Gene (Harry Shearer), Peter presses her about the identity of his father after recognizing him as Terry Bradshaw from a Law and Order: SVU episode. Kyle and Ed then go on a hunt to find their real father. The film grossed $21.083 million worldwide.


2 The Perfect Holiday – $5.8 Million

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The Perfect Holiday is likely one of the lowest-grossing mainstream Christmas comedy films Williams found himself featured is. The film was produced and narrated by Academy-award winning actress and rap musician Queen Latifah and was neither a critical not a commercial success, grossing only $5.8 million internationally. The film follows an aspiring songwriter named Benjamin, portrayed by Morris Chestnut, who gives a copy of his recorded Christmas album to a rapper named J-Jizzy, played by the late Charles Q. Murphy. While playing the role of Santa Claus, Benjamin gets asked by the daughter of Nancy (Gabrielle Union) to grant her mother’s wish of being complimented by a man. Benjamin fulfills her wish and the two fall in love and begin dating, unbeknownst to Benjamin that she is the ex-wife of J-Jizzy. Hollywood actor Terrence Howard also stars in the movie as a mischievous angel.


1 The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2 – $2.8 Million

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It’s rare to actually find a movie where Katt “Money Mike” Williams actually plays the role of an antagonist. But the 2021 comedy horror film The House Next Door: Meet The Blacks 2 is an exception. The movie came as the sequel to the 2016 comedy horror Meet The Blacks and stars the comedy bad boy Mike Epps, comedian Gary Owen, George Lopez, and former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. However, The House Next Door follows Carl Black (Mike Epps), an aspiring author who moves back to his childhood home in Atlanta with his family to continue his new book. However, the family encounters an eerie neighbor named Dr. Mamuwalde, played by Katt Williams, who is a pimp that Carl suspects to also be a vampire. Unlike the first first, The House Next Door flopped at the box office, earning on $2.8 million.


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