The Rachel Mantras: 10 Rules Followed By Jennifer Aniston To Achieve Success

Jennifer Aniston was born in Sherman Oaks, California, in a family already connected to Hollywood. Her father was an actor on the popular soap opera Days Of Our Lives, while her mother was a model. Aniston acted in Broadway productions before landing roles in unsuccessful TV shows and movies during the early 90s. Her big break came through the sitcom Friends, which ran on the air for ten seasons. While working on the show, Aniston also starred in commercially successful movies. She has continued to actively work in the industry for over three decades and has earned several accolades, including Emmy Awards, Golden Globe, and SAG Awards for her portrayals.

While her career may seem like smooth sailing, Jennifer Aniston has struggled and fought through personal and professional barriers to become America’s sweetheart. Let’s take a look at her rules to achieve success.

10 Trust The Gut-Feeling

It might be challenging to imagine somebody else playing the part of Rachel Green. However, Aniston was on the fence about the role since she had another sitcom called Muddling Through lined up. When given a choice, she went with her gut feeling and chose to star in Friends. While the producers wanted her to audition for the role of Monica, Aniston knew she would play Rachel better, and the rest is history.

9 Love Oneself

Coming from an estranged family, Jennifer Aniston had a difficult relationship with her mother. According to Marie Claire, Aniston’s mother, Nancy always wanted her to look perfect, affecting her dietary habits. Aniston slowly learned to love herself for who she truly is and reconciled with her mother a few years before she passed away.

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8 Don’t Play It Safe

Jennifer Aniston had a girl next door persona during the 90s for playing gentle lead characters. Afraid of getting stereotyped by the roles, she began playing riskier characters in movies like The Bounty Hunter, Horrible Bosses, and We’re The Millers, which changed the way people perceived her roles. These movies led her to the 2014 drama Cake that earned her a Golden Globe.

7 Not Become The Victim

After her divorce from Brad Pitt in 2015, Aniston was portrayed in the media as a victim. In 2005, she sat down for an interview to debunk the image. She believes in taking responsibility for her actions rather than pointing the finger at someone else, as stated by Cheat Sheet. Focusing on the mistakes and working towards them is an important part of life.

6 Live In The Moment

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Coming from a troubled home, Jennifer Aniston has always found solace in her friends. She likes to enjoy and be grateful for her life every day despite the hardships she faces. Enjoying the moment and being with friends has helped her stay grounded, focus on her goals, and take bigger leaps in her career.

5 There Are No Bad Endings

Her second divorce occurred in 2017 with actor Justin Theroux. Even if it was her second divorce, Aniston has always looked at the positive side of the spectrum. US Weekly mentions that she considers both marriages a success because she chose to be happy. She has been on good terms with her ex-spouses and believes that relationships have helped her through her journey as an actress.

4 Push For More

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While working on the show Friends, Aniston knew it was essential to push for more and work as a team. During the show’s second season, Aniston and David Schwimmer were paid more, but they decided to take a salary cut for the entire cast to be paid the same amount. The six members together negotiated an equal $1 million salary per episode for the last season, which was the highest salary at the time.

3 Explore Your Talents

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After being a working actress for three decades, Jen is not slowing down. She keeps exploring various avenues to achieve success. She began her production company Echo Films in 2008 and produced many movies, including Dumpling, Cake, and The Switch. She is also an Executive Producer on shows such as her hit Apple TV+ Drama The Morning Show.

2 Authenticity Is Key

Known as America’s sweetheart, Aniston greatly influences the viewers. The actress portrays her authentic self on the screen and only endorses what she believes in, as reported by Elle. She endorses products and services such as Smartwater, Emirates, Aveeno, and the haircare brand Living Proof. While her ads during the 90s were focused on her appeal, today, she endorses products that help her stay healthy.

1 Meditate And Exercise

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Jennifer Aniston appreciates the little things in life. One of the most important parts of her daily routine is to meditate. It helps her keep centered and focus on her ideas and thoughts. She practices yoga and meditation as it helps her envision a bigger picture of herself and calm her mind during her busy work schedule.

From struggling with mental health to becoming an inspiration for millions of people, Jennifer Aniston is an ideal role model for people who had self-doubt or questioned their dreams. She strives to be better and take risks every day to take her career to new heights and achieve success. She was last seen starring in the second season of the Apple TV+ drama show The Morning Show.

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