The Rocks Diet: Heres How Much Dwayne Johnson Spends On His Nutrition Every Year

Dwayne Johnson was a promising athlete from a young age and received a football scholarship right out of college at the University of Miami. Being a part of the Hurricane team, he went on to win the National Championships before suffering injuries that lost him the chance to join the NFL. After playing in the Canadian Football League, Dwayne decided to pursue wrestling, similar to his grandfather and father, who were retired professional wrestlers. His career improved as he became a nine-time World Heavyweight Champion between 1996 and 2004, adopting The Rock persona. He made his debut in Hollywood in 2002 with Scorpion King and has become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood.

Through his work in television, movies, production, and his lucrative Teramana Tequila venture, Dwayne Johnson has amassed an $800 million fortune. As a former athlete and an action star, The Rock ensures that he is in his best shape for any role, adding and decreasing a few pounds as the role demands. Let’s take a peek at Dwayne Johnson’s annual diet expenses.

Inside The Iron Paradise

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For a man with a large and buff frame, Dwayne Johnson must train daily and spend quality hours at the gym. Johnson’s workout facility is not ordinary either, as it has top-of-the-line workout equipment and is a gym on wheels. Called the Iron Paradise, it comes with various training stations and types of equipment from multiple brands. Johnson has dumbbells from Iron Grip, a commercial Smith machine, and machines from StarTrac and Hammer Strength. His main gym is a part of his Los Angeles-based home. He also carries the gym to his movie set locations.

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Each role by Dwayne Johnson has required the actor to have a particular body strength to perform physical stunts and action sequences. Johnson had a different workout for every character, from his role in Jumanji to getting jacked for Baywatch. According to Men’s Journal, for his Jumanji role, he exercised classic bodybuilding routines that hit every musical group. Additionally, he also uses cable pulls for an added strength-building workout.

The Right Calorie Intake

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The Rock has maintained a similar diet for the last decade, but he does make changes to his intake if the role demands it. For his role as Hobbs in the Fast Saga, the actor put on 22 pounds of muscle to play a former DSS Agent. Along with training twice daily, Dwayne Johnson eats six to seven meals daily. His food focuses on seafood like cod and salmon, with a total consumption of 6,000 to 8,000 calories daily, as Men’s Health noted. The consumption includes 52 ounces of cod, 12 ounces of sweet potatoes, two cups of oatmeal, two cups of white rice, and various starches.

While an average person in his mid-40s would consume around 2,500 calories daily, Johnson has three times more consumption. As mentioned by Bleacher Report, a man who tried to consume a similar diet as The Rock spent $1,262 monthly on his food which is $15,144 for a year. Due to his heavy consumption of cod, more than half of his daily $42 diet is spent on seafood. For his role in the 2014 movie Hercules, he followed a 22-week diet that included baked potatoes, chicken, filet mignon, asparagus, cream of rice, broccoli, oatmeal, and eggs.

Important Cheat Meals To Recharge

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Workouts and diets are important but cheat meals are equally important. Through his social media, fans get an active update about The Rock’s cheat meals and heavy sugar consumption on a rare night of the week. As his diet focuses on a balance of carbohydrates and proteins, his cheat meals are far from his healthy meals. Some of his most notable cheat meals include a tableful of sushi and heaps of maple-drizzled pancakes. After finishing his training for Central Intelligence, Johnson enjoyed his cheat meal with cinnamon buns and peanut butter brownies, as stated by Go Banking Rates.

His other go-to cheat meal favorites are cheeseburgers with fries, coffee cake, cookies, and multiple double-dough pizzas. He tops off his meals with a cold glass of Termana Tequila to relax after a long week. While this sugar and salt intake might seem daunting and dangerous, each meal is approved by his physician George Farah, who is behind Johnson’s physique and unwaveringly rigid diet.

The Rock gives his 100% to his career and ensures enough attention is given to his physique. He had an equally challenging workout at the gym while preparing for his role as Black Adam in his upcoming project hitting the theaters in October 2022. With his calorie intake and exercise regime, it is not easy being Dwayne Johnson.

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