There's a Meaning Behind Tracee Ellis Ross's Met Gala Picture Frame

Tracee Ellis Ross’s signature event style? Go big or go bigger. She rarely shows up on any red carpet in a look that’s just OK, so we obviously expected something fun, flashy, and memorable for 2019’s Camp-themed Met Gala. Of course, the star didn’t disappoint: while her black Moschino dress was simple and understated, the look was made complete with a picture frame around her face.

Karla Welch, who dressed the black-ish star, hinted at what was to come on Monday morning. “We went camp in a really kind of cerebral, nuanced way,” she said over the phone. “I feel like it’s a very layered thing, and you have to like, think about it when you see it.”

Rather than go with feathers, or ruffles, or oversize sleeves, Karla said she interpreted Camp slightly differently. “We’re going more…a piece of art, to be honest,” she told us about Tracee’s look. “It’s how we make ourselves art. For me, camp is a vessel for art, and we took that into consideration. Also, a woman is a piece of art, so there’s something there as well.”

Plus, as Shelby Ivey Christie pointed out on Twitter, Tracee’s look felt like a nod to Lorraine O’Grady’s ‘Art Is’ movement, where people would attend Harlem’s African American Day parade with framed faces. With all of these explanations in mind, Tracee’s look totally makes sense, and we love the message she sent as she walked the pink carpet.

Plus, it looks like the star had fun posing with that little detail, too!

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