These Are The 10 Most Expensive Penthouses In The World

There are many advantages to owning a penthouse, thus demand for this kind of property is high. Even celebrities dropped massive fortune just to own a penthouse. These benefits are also the major factors driving an increase in a penthouse’s property value over the next ten or more years. A penthouse is often the most opulent and magnificent unit in any residential complex, for that reason Leonardo DiCaprio bought a $10 million penthouse. It is hardly surprising that these apartments frequently have high price tags given their size, quality, and excellent views.

More than only the great space and seclusion you’ll enjoy are included in the price of penthouse flats. A penthouse is pricey since you’re paying for prime real estate, especially if you’re thinking about purchasing a property in a business hub like New York City, where the majority of penthouses on the list are. Here are some outstanding and top 10 most expensive penthouses that have the best locations.

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10 Dome Penthouse at the Plaza New York

The Dome Penthouse in New York opens the top ten countdowns. In the city of dreams that is New York, this residence stands out above all others. It was constructed in 1907 and has scarcely ever been on the market. Dome Penthouse is privately owned by Tommy Hilfiger. The extravagant interior design of this $80 million apartment includes grandiose chandeliers and a sizable collection of pricy paintings, to name just a few examples.

9 15 Central Park West Penthouse, New York

The 15 Central Park West Penthouse in Manhattan, New York, is positioned on the ninth spot. There, a 6,744 square foot penthouse was purchased for a whopping $88 million in late 2011. The residence, which once belonged to former Citigroup chairman Sandy Weill, features 10 rooms, including 4 bedrooms.

There is also a wraparound terrace measuring more than 2,000 square feet, 4 bedrooms, and 2 wood burning stoves. Ekaterina Rybolovleva, the daughter of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybobovlev, paid the asking price.

8 One57 Penthouse, New York

One57 is a wonderful example of the fabled luxury of Manhattan skyscrapers. Even though it was just finished, the ultra-luxurious tower has already sold two opulent penthouses for unspecified sums that are estimated to be in excess of $90 million.

The New York Penthouse has a features of glass atrium with a wall that swings open and a living room with double-height ceilings. It has six bedrooms and is 14,000 square feet in size.

7 432 Park Avenue Penthouse, New York

The 432 Park Avenue penthouse, the largest of the 104 condos offered by the building, features high ceilings, 10-foot by 10-foot windows that allow inhabitants to fully enjoy the breathtaking views from 1,200 feet in the sky, oak floors, marble counters, and heated bathroom floors.

All of these amazing qualities in one unit is the reason why 432 Park Avenue Penthouse is placed in seventh place with a price tag of $95 million which is considered as one of the priciest listings in New York City right now. Fawaz Alhokair purchased the penthouse in 2016 and is the owner.

6 CitySpire Penthouse, New York

The CitySpire Penthouse is ranked sixth on the list with the price of $100 million. This 8,000 square foot, octagon-shaped penthouse, which is a part of the striking CitySpire skyscraper on West 56th Street in New York City, has six bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The CitySpire Penthouse unit’s greatest amenities include a huge dining room, an art gallery, a movie room, and wine storage for 1,000 bottles.

5 House No 1, The Peak, Hong Kong

Going far away from New York City, for the fifth place, Hong Kong is home to House No. 1, The Peak. House No. 1 was built by Sun Hung Kai Properties and is located in Hong Kong. A huge private pool, a rooftop patio, a lovely garden, and a jacuzzi are all features of this opulent residence. You will be able to glimpse Victoria Bay from the rooftop patio. This residence has a $102 million price tag overall.

4 Woolworth Tower Residence, New York

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Woolworth Tower Residence, which costs $110 million, is the fourth most expensive penthouse in the world which is located again in New York City. This used to be one of the biggest and tallest structures in the entire planet. Woolworth Tower Residence has opulent features like a sauna and a spa, a wine cellar and a fitness center.

The fact that each apartment has a 185-bottle wine locker, however, must be the most amazing feature this unit has.

3 Ritz-Carlton Penthouse, New York

This penthouse, which is perched above the Ritz-Carlton in New York, is made up of three different units that, when combined, may be the most costly residence in the city. With an internal area of 15,434 square feet, this enormous penthouse is among the largest ones available. This breathtaking unit is now worth $118 million.

2 Penthouse D, One Hyde Park, London

London is home to Penthouse D, the second-most prestigious penthouse in the entire world. Real estate developer Nick Candy purchased this 18,000 square foot apartment for $237 million. The $20 million penthouse of David Beckham is nowhere near the two stories penthouse with 9,000 square feet each, five bedrooms, and two stories altogether.

A huge swimming pool, a home theater, and even a library are three great characteristics that can be found in this house.

1 Odeon Tower Penthouse, Monaco

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Now, for the most expensive penthouse in the entire world, we have The Odeon Tower Penthouse with a total cost of $440 million. It has a health center, a pool with an infinite view on the balcony, and an on-site catheter are all included in this magnificent apartment which makes it the dream penthouse to ever exist. Additionally, a private driver will be provided for you to assist in arranging transportation across Monaco.

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