These are the bizarre new boots that feature baby doll limbs

We have seen some absurd products be released from brands such as Moschino's hot dog dress and Balenciaga's £2,890 high vis jacket.

Well, we think we might have found a new product that could top these as vegan unisex shoe brand Koi Footwear have just launched two ranges of boots that feature baby doll limbs on them.

The black leather, lace-up boots have the name of GOO GOO GA GA with one pair featuring baby doll arms and the second are adorned with baby doll legs.

If you're hooked already then you can pre-order your favourite pair on the brands website for just £85.

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Koi Footwear have given the description of: "GOO GOO GA GA, Kev is my DADA. Reaching into the black hole and pulling out a fresh new pairs of kicks and pulling out there fresh specials, Kev really pulled this one out of the bag."

"A chunky boots with some chunky arms, ready to follow you in your life and keeping you up right in a tumble.

"Everybody needs a helping hand."

On an Instagram post, the brand posted the meaning behind them: "They are lifeless but represent life, the equator that lies between existence and non existence, this fine line, what activities dwell in such a place."

"A place where my mind exists, that's where I spend most my time, chaotic, ravenous, binding. What happens in one's mind to create something like this, where has my mind gone that allowed such a creation to happen."

"This is my child, I love it, it's precious to me, can you feel it? Can you see it? I know you can.. I know you feel all of it, like I do."

Users filled the comments sections with reactions such as: "Brb hopping into toy story to join in with Sid."

"The scariest place you could wear these is outside" and "Had to check if this was an April fools.

Whilst someone even joked around and said: "Wearing these when my best friend gives birth."

The brand are known for designing cool and quirky styles which include gummy bear adorned trainers to Frankenstein style teddy bear boots — they even sell Heinz Beans.

So if the baby doll boots don't tickle your fancy then the brand have a wide variety of shoes from.

The brand say how "We are the cool vegan unisex footwear brand you’ve been looking for. We're that friend that hypes you up and tells you can wear whatever the f**k you want. It's YOUR life, and you are 100% the main character, you might as well dress like it."

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