Tiger King’s Carole Baskin Will Be On Dancing With The Stars, Twitter Reacts Accordingly

Carole Baskin will be one of the contestants on the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars and suffice to say, the world has not forgotten about the Tiger King star.

Hey everyone, remember Tiger King? That show on Netflix we were all obsessed with, what was it, about three years ago? Believe it or not, it was only six months ago that the world was swept up by Tiger King fever. We guess living in lockdown for the majority of that time has just made it seem as if time has passed a lot more slowly.

For those who haven’t seen Tiger King, or just need reminding, it was one of the wildest rides a viewer could ever take. Murder, polygamy, a guy showing up in a convertible with a skeleton in the passenger seat. Tiger King had it all. The kind of documentary where if it had been a movie instead, everyone would have deemed it to be too farfetched.

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One of the show’s stars is about to be thrown back into the limelight. No, not Joe Exotic, he’s still in jail. We’re talking about Carole Baskin. It was revealed this week that Baskin will be a part of the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Baskin will be joined by rapper Nelly, and Catfish host Nev Schulman, among others.

Twitter has effectively been in meltdown since the announcement, and there appears to be an even split between people who are outraged and those who made amusing memes about the news. The outrage comes off the back of a thread that ran throughout the Tiger King series. That Baskin allegedly murdered her first husband. Baskin has never been charged with the murder of Don Lewis, but he disappeared in the late ’90s and was declared dead in 2002.

As for the more amusing reactions, one has urged Donal Trump to pardon Joe Exotic to allow for “the most epic dance battle in the history of the world”. Another wrote, “2020 has been so long we’ve started recycling the characters”. Whether you love the decision or not, Baskin will be returning to our screens to entertain all us cool cats and kittens with her dance moves very soon.

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