TikTok hack shows you how to use AAA batteries in place of AA

Never run out of power again! People are discovering you can use TINFOIL and AAA batteries if you don’t have AAs

  • TikTok videos show how people have been using a hack to replace AA batteries
  • Not all is lost if you run out of AA batteries – if you have AAA ones and tinfoil
  • Videos show how using tinfoil to fill the extra space makes the smaller ones work
  • It is not recommended as a longterm fix and the batteries may not last for long 
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A hack which shows you how you can use AAA batteries in place of AA ones has become popular on TikTok.

According to creators on the platform, running out of AA batteries does not necessarily mean you can’t use your favourite devices.

As long as you have one simple common household item, you can make a temporary fix, and keep using your gaming console, TV remote, or whatever devices need power.

Simply taking your battery-operated item, and your AAA batteries, plus a piece of tinfoil means you can get the power you need. 

The TikTok creator shows how the battery compartment in his clock, which is designed for AA batteries, is too large for the AAA battery he has on hand

TikTok user @jameshawkins4825 is among those who’ve shared videos on the hack.

He created a clip showing viewers how he made a smaller AAA unit fit into a wall clock that typically requires larger AA batteries.

He captioned the video: ‘AA battery hack. Just a little foil turns any AAA into an AA!’

In the clip, he filmed himself first removing the dead AA battery from his clock.

He then takes an AAA, and demonstrates how it is too small to fill the battery compartment, which is designed for a larger unit.

But using a small piece of tinfoil, scrunched into a ball, he shows how it is possible to make the smaller batteries work in the device

However, despite this, he shows how it is possible to (at least temporarily) use the power packs interchangeably. 

The TikTok user takes a small piece of tinfoil, and scrunches it into a ball. He then places it at one end of the battery compartment.

With the foil taking up space in the compartment, the smaller battery is now a good fit, and he shows how he puts it in place.

Once the hack is complete, and the AAA battery and foil are in place, he shows the clock working again.

Viewers were surprised by the hack, and revealed that they had been unaware of it until watching the video.

Viewers revealed that they did not previously know about the simple hack, expressing surprise about how easy it is

One wrote: ‘OMG all these years and it was this easy…’

And another said: ‘I was this years old when I learned this.’

Meanwhile a third added: ‘Why did I not know this?’ 

Some have noted that the hack is not designed as a longterm fix, and may only work for a couple of hours.

It is recommended that you replace the batteries with the appropriate ones for your device. 

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