Tonight Theyll Be Eating: Sir Elton John And Little Nas X Team Up For An Epic Uber Eats Ad

Celebrities are known to endorse products and brands that they believe in and the ones that will pay them the most to speak on their behalf, of course. Fans are accustomed to seeing their favorite stars promote other companies, but nobody has ever seen anything quite like this. Elton John and Little Nas X took their Uber Eats commercial to a whole new level, and social media is exploding with positive feedback and fan excitement. While the dollar value that they got to take home for this project has not been revealed, Ace Showbiz demonstrates that it’s already proving to be worth every cent spent, and Uber Eats is getting some incredible exposure and extensive promotion in the process.

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The legendary Sir Elton John gave fans everything they never even knew they wanted when he donned the outfit originally worn by Lil Nas X at the 2020 Grammy Awards. In return, Lil Nas X wore Elton’s Crocodile Rock feather costume, and he pulled it off seamlessly. They were truly a sight for sore eyes as they took on one another’s personas.

In an effort to promote Uber Eats, the two stars from very different genres in the music scene were somehow a perfect match.

They tapped into their comedic side as they switched iconic outfits, and each sat on a mechanical horse.

As the commercial went on, Elton John and Lil Nas X began to discuss the items that they wanted to order from Uber Eats, and fans went wild with excitement over this unlikely pairing.

As part of the skit, Elton John Tried to get Lil Nas X to pay for his Uber Eats order, and Lil Nas X put on a fabulously funny, fake British accent, telling Elton John that he certainly didn’t look broke!

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The commercial was filmed in a few different ways as part of the Uber Eats ‘Tonight I’ll Be Eating’ campaign.

The idea of putting these two artists together in a combined collaboration was a brilliant move on the part of Uber Eats. They fed off one another’s energy and seemed to have natural synergy in the commercial.

At age 74, Elton John represents an era that remains a strong force with a huge, dedicated following. His influence is sure to encourage and inspire the older generation to make use of modern-day conveniences such as Uber Eats.

Lil Nas X comes from the other end of the spectrum, and his followers primarily represent the younger generation. At the young age of 22, he is one of the most influential voices of today’s youth.

Combined, they are two major forces to reckon with. Huge icons in their own realms, millions of their fans are now tuned right into the ad, making this one of the best commercial collaborations fans have seen in a long time.

By all accounts, it’s poised to be among the most lucrative, as well.

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Sources: Ace Showbiz, Daily Mail

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