Trolls call my tattoos ugly and say I ruined myself – but it’s my body

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    An alternative model who is covered in tattoos has opened up about the rancid abuse she has received online.

    Aimee Smith has dozens of inklings – having got her first one at the tender age of 13.

    The social media personality is now a mum-of-three and has over 40 tattoos including some across her face.

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    Her extreme appearance is celebrated in the tattoo community, but she was recently targeted by vicious trolls online.

    Speaking with Daily Star, Aimee, from Oakham, East Mids, said: “There was an article and the majority of the comments were not very nice.

    “There were a lot of people saying I had destroyed myself. I can’t even count the amount of comments of people telling me I was ugly.

    “There were a lot of people with different beliefs and they were saying my choice of lifestyle was in line with the Devil as such.

    “It's quite… it does get to you. They were probably the worst comments I’ve had so far. Had I made those comments about someone it would have been seen as bullying.”

    Aimee added: “It was shocking to see the amount of people who thought just because I had tattoos it was OK to make those remarks.

    “At the end of the day it’s my body and I’ve done what I’ve done because I love myself more now than I did five or six years ago. I put my makeup on and I dye my hair or get a new tattoo and I am happy and I am happy doing what I am doing.”

    She is known in her hometown as “the girl with the tattoos” – and Aimee described her interactions in public as “amazing”.

    And the encouragement from other body art fans has also been a source of comfort.

    She said: “I have been in contact and met so many amazing people from the tattoo community and they are all so supportive of each other.

    “You get so many negative comments online but it doesn’t matter if they are an hour away or from the other side of the world, they are so supportive.”

    The model has a barbed wire design on her face representing the strength of her family and she also has lyrics on her eyelids in tribute to her kids.

    And Aimee is keen to let her children be free to make their own choices, despite admitting she would discourage them from getting tattoos at 13 like she did.

    “At such a young age I would try and divert them,” she explained. “No tattoos at that age.

    “From personal experience I’ve made a couple of mistakes with tattoos.

    “But once my eldest gets to 13 and he comes to me and says he wants to wear these, or have this t-shirt or wants to dye his hair I will be very supportive because my parents were supportive of me.

    “I would be more than happy for one of my boys to do what they want when they are older because it is their bodies and they can do what they like.”


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