Unattractive Playboy Mansion party-goers were ‘kept away’ from ‘offended’ Hefner

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Guests to the infamous parties at the Playboy Mansion were checked for attractiveness on entry, with those judged to be unappealing on the eye kept away from host Hugh Hefner, according to one journalist.

Hefner founded the Playboy empire in 1953 and was famed for hosting lavish parties in his enormous LA mansion.

One former playmate even recently recalled seeing "people having sex everywhere" while naked models were doused in body paint.

But journalist Russell Miller, who studied the Playboy empire and attended gatherings at the mansion, has painted a less exotic picture of what went on behind the scenes.

In the latest podcast episode of Power: Hugh Hefner, he said: “A good party always meant there had to be twice as many girls as there were boys, that was a fundamental requirement by Hefner himself.”

To ensure this gender split was met, Russell described how Hefner’s staff had to venture to the local university campus to lure eligible women back to the mansion.

“In order to attract the sufficient number of girls, they had to cruise the UCLA campus which was nearby and invite girls to come to a party which was at the Playboy Mansion," he explained.

“Pretty students thought it was a good idea, but when they got in the party, they quickly realised that these were not major celebrity gatherings. Most of them were twice the age of the students so girls that had been to one party very often never went to another.”

“And if perchance – heaven forbid – a not particularly attractive girl got through the net, because they were checked beforehand to make sure they achieved the necessary level of attractiveness…

"The staff were instructed to keep her out of Hefner’s sight because he would be offended.”

As the Playboy empire began to suffer financial losses in the years after Hefner’s assistant Bobbie Hefner’s death, the podcast’s host Amy Rose Spiegel suggested that its founder began to shrink into the “fantasy world” of the Playboy Mansion.

And Russell suggested that the shimmering utopia of the Mansion was created by the Playboy tycoon to mask his reclusive nature.

He claimed: “His lifestyle which was supposed to be the ultimate in Playboy living, became this strange recluse who never wanted to leave the house and wore silk pyjamas.

“Here is the Playboy who should be going out and about visiting wonderful restaurants, having marvellous food, and knowing about wine, then here we have Hefner himself, who ate nothing but sandwiches, fried chicken and pot-roast.

“And instead of fine wines, he drank coca-cola."

In fact, Russell suggested that the facade of glamour extended to the much-celebrated parties the tycoon would host in his enormous LA mansion.

The journalist recalled one event he had attended, remembering: “Nothing much was happening, we were sitting in the great hall, people were chewing on sandwiches that had been provided by the kitchen, and drinking, sitting around pretty bored."

Later on in the evening, a secretary appeared to warn the guests that Hefner was on his way and encourage them to pretend that they had been partying wildly.

“When Hefner appeared, the whole place was alive, people were dancing and laughing and joking as if the party had been going on for hours," he continued.

“This is an indication of how forced that life was in the mansion.”

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