Unusual money saving hacks you may not have thought of – weird ways to be thrifty

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YouTuber Ashlynne Eaton, whose channel focuses on minimalistic living, shared her favourite “weird” ways to save money.

Her first tip for saving was to utilise the fridge.

“If you always have good going bad on you, a great way to save money, reduce food waste and really make use of the food that you have is refrigerate or freeze your items.

“Most people tend to think of things like bread, onions and potatoes as pantry items that don’t belong in the fridge, but by storing those items in the fridge you can actually prolong those items’ life by weeks and even months.”

The same goes for the freezer.

“We buy a lot of fruit and eat quite a bit of it regularly, however as soon as I notice it’s on it’s way out, we’ll simply freeze that item – whether it’s spinach, kale, bananas, avocados or any kind of berries – and later use them as smoothies.

“Doing this really helps us get the most bang for our buck when it comes to our grocery budget.”

Another money saving tip Ashlynne swears by is shopping frugally, only buying “replacements”.

She shared a key phrase she likes to remember when thinking about a purchase: “Replace, not accumulate.”

This can be put into practise when buying all sorts of items, including food, clothes, skincare and makeup.

“This is a great way to prevent any pile up of unused items and things going to waste, which just results in money being thrown out the window.”

Ashylnne continued: “I feel like this next one is a bit more uncommon, and that’s that I never pay full price for a hair cut.”

She admitted that she happens to be lucky in this area, as her partner’s mother is a retired hairdresser – but it still may be worth checking if there are any stellar stylists in the family.

This handy hack could save money savers hundreds of pounds per year.

For those who do not have a hairdresser in the family, Ashlynne revealed that she used to have her hair done by trainees at her hairdressers.

They will often charge very little – if anything – for a cut and blow dry.

“Even before we got married, I never paid full price for a hair cut.

“If I wanted something a bit more elaborate, I would go to a local salon school and they could cut my hair for a fraction of the price of a typical salon.”

Another money saving tip was to be a bit more mindful and tactical when driving – after all, petrol is pricey.

“I’ve tried to be really strategic about planning my trips in a way that can save us on gas.

“I’m not taking more trips than I need to. For example, if I decide to meet up with a friend at a local coffee shop, I might – on the same trip – decide to pick up any prescriptions that I have that need to be picked up, or get my groceries at the same time.”

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