Webcam girl who makes up to £8,000 a month reveals guys' most bizarre requests – and one made her watch Noel's House Party

A CAM girl has revealed the most bizarre requests she's received from punters – including being asked to watch Noel's House Party and to sit in the corner.

Elysia Downings, 28, from Buxton in Derbyshire, who makes up to £96,000 a year, has being performing since September also gave tips on how to spice up your sex life in the bedroom.

Elysia, who charges £3.99 per minute for a private show, revealed the weirdest thing she's being asked to do.

She told how one man with a fetish for "sploshing" – also known as Wet and Messy (WAM) play – asked her to watch people getting gunged on Noel's House Party.

She said: "The requests varies so much. I think the strangest one I got was being asked to watch Noel’s House Party.

"He’d like the messy stuff but he didn’t want me to get messy – he just sent me a link and watched me watch that."

Others aren't seeking purely sexual fulfilment as they're more keen for a "girlfriend experience", however Elysia will still make an effort, dressing in racy lingerie and spending 20 minutes putting on her favourite wig.


Mum-of-one Elysia said: "I wear wigs during my performances, they help me maintain an alter-ego and get more involved in the character."

She has been performing for nine months and said she's only turned down a handful of requests – such as one client asked if he could watch her insert a tampon.

Elysia said: "I’ve been asked to wear a tampon for a guy who was into that. They asked me insert a tampon but I didn’t do it.

"If I’m not comfortable I’ll just say no."

She also revealed what she thinks girlfriends secretly want their men to do in the bedroom – like spanking.

Elysia said: "I think people need to be more open-minded in the bedroom and for women to try new things.

I think people need to be more open-minded in the bedroom and for women to try new things."

"I think when you’re in a relationship with someone you get into a bit of a rut and do the same things.

"I think stuff like BDSM can be quite enjoyable but it’s also quite frightening for some people because people don’t see pain and sex as an enjoyable thing.

"You should try some light spanking and see if it’s your thing – toys as well. Men often see toys as a threat though.

"If you’re willing to try you might find it’s an enjoyable experience for both.

Elysia said the job has done wonders for her body confidence, especially since having a baby, and she now feels "free and liberated".

Her little boy knows his mum "sells underwear" and apparently finds it funny – but Elysia is concerned he might get bullied when he discovers what else she gets up to.

"My mum was a lesbian and I got a lot of stick for that," she said.

“The only thing I can do is raise him to not care what people think and it doesn’t matter."

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