West Elm and Rent the Runway Are Teaming Up For Home Decor Rentals

Buying home decor can be scary. It’s a daunting process — you don’t want to shell out big bucks for a set of throw pillows that you realize clash horribly with your couch after a few weeks, or get a comforter that makes you sweat through the night no matter how cold it is outside. West Elm understands that in this day and age, design-conscious millennials might not be ready to just blindly buy our home decor, so they’ve partnered with Rent the Runway to create rentable home decor bundles.

The rental service works in pretty much the same way as regular Rent the Runway. You can use your subscription to choose from different decor bundles (you can also mix-and-match items from certain bundles), choose to rent them for a few weeks or a few months, and if you end up falling in love with the look once it’s in your home you can choose to buy the bundle for a discount.

Bedroom bundles include a bedspread, quilt, or duvet cover with pillow covers and a decorative throw pillow, while living room bundles include a throw blanket and two throw pillows. There are simple pillow bundles available, too, if you just want to jazz up the living room a bit.

Both West Elm and Rent the Runway pointed out that another benefit to this rental system is that it is eco-friendly, because people will have the opportunity to try before they buy instead of buying new linens, realizing they don’t like them, and then trashing them so they can get something new.

We can think of a few different reasons to rent home decor items this way. If you have a guest room that barely gets used and have friends or family suddenly coming to town, renting a bedroom bundle is the perfect way to get the space ready for them without actually having to buy and entire room’s worth of linens and decor.

Or, if you stopped eating avocado toast long enough to save up for a house, but now that you’ve got a mortgage you can’t actually afford to straight up buy an entire home’s worth of decor, West Elm x Rent the Runway can help bridge the gap so you can at least have a cozy bed while you figure out how to replace the folding chairs in your living room with an actual couch.

There are currently 24 different West Elm bundles available on the Rent the Runway site, and we’re excited to see where they take this concept next — I for one would love to be able to rent some actual furniture before making the commitment to buy.

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