Why the Stars of Amazon’s ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ Series Want the Original Film Cast to Make Cameos

The Amazon Original YA horror series “I Know What You Did Last Summer” premiered on Wednesday night with an outdoor screening at The Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles. Based on the iconic 1997 slasher movie which was adapted from Lois Duncan’s 1973 novel and starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Phillippe, the eight-episode series maintains the same initial set-up as its source material.

The series follows a group of friends who are bound together after they cover up a tragic accident that occurred on the night of their high school graduation. One year later, they find themselves targeted by a violent stalker who has discovered their dark secret.

Series star Madison Iseman told Variety that she was already a big fan of the cult classic. “I’ve always loved any kind of scary movie, especially the 90s slasher,” Iseman said. “It’s like the best aesthetic in the world but I think it’s great that we are able to give our own little take on it.”

In a departure from the original film in which Hewitt played the sole lead female character Julie James, Iseman portrays a set of twins, Lennon and Alison. “I feel like it’s on every actor’s bucket list,” Iseman said. “Without giving anything away, after you watch the first episode, it allows you to watch the series with a very different perspective and you are in on a big secret that the rest of the characters are not. And I’ll leave it at that!”

Though none of the four main stars from the original film appeared in the show’s first season, they have participated in the show’s promotion, and some have expressed an interest in making cameos if the show were to be green-lit for a second season.

However, Iseman and co-star Ashley Moore, who plays Riley, have a different idea for who they would like to bring back from the first film. Both actresses said that they would be thrilled if Anne Heche would reprise her role as Missy Egan, the sister of the fisherman that the original film’s characters believe they accidentally killed.

“I love her. She’s great. She would fit in our story so well,” Iseman said.

Moore said, “We talked about it a lot and it didn’t happen but that’s who we would want.”

Sebastian Amoruso, who stars as Johnny, said that Phillippe would be his first choice for a cameo appearance. “I feel like he looks so much younger than he is,” Amuruso said. “I feel like he could do it in an interesting way. Maybe he’s related in some way to one of the characters?”

Meanwhile, Cassie Beck, who plays Courtney, stated that Gellar would be her preference. “That’s our girl right there. It would be fantastic to have her come back.”

When asked for her opinion, Fiona Rene, who portrays Lyla, exclaimed, “Jennifer, where you at girl?”

She continued with an impression of Hewitt’s classic line from the film. “What do you want??!”

“Yeah, I want that. Bring that back,” Rene added with a laugh.

The series moves the action from the movie’s original setting in the small town of Southport, North Carolina to Hawaii. At the premiere screening, guests were greeted with leis and treated to a luau-inspired experience as they watched the first two episodes on a huge screen that was suspended over the pool at the Tropicana Bar. Each attendee had to present proof of vaccination and take a rapid COVID test before they were permitted entry.

Rene told Variety that she was proud that the series featured a diverse cast and that many of the crew members were local Hawaiians. She said, “I think we were able to bring some economy to Hawaii, which was great.”

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