Wives share photos of their husbands' most frustrating behaviour

Enough to drive you to divorce! Wives share photos of their husbands’ most frustrating behaviour – from ripping open packaging to toilet roll tubes left in the bathroom

  • Frustrated women shared photos of their husbands’ bad habits on social media
  • The best examples were collated in a gallery published on Bored Panda
  • One snap showed a collection of toilet roll holders left on the cistern 
  • Another shows a single memory foam mattress bought ‘for his side of the bed’ 

All couples learn to live with each other’s quirks, but these photos prove some are more difficult to live with than others. 

From leaving empty toilet roll holders in the bathroom to tearing open a loaf of bread, frustrated wives and girlfriends from around the world have shared snaps of the bad habits that drive them up the wall. 

Some of the most infuriating examples were collated in a Bored Panda thread, like the photo of a single memory foam mattress bought by a husband ‘for his side of the bed’.   

Another shows how a man dumped a load of dishes in the dishwasher but did not separate them with dividers. 

Here, FEMAIL shares some of the best…  

Stalemate: A woman from the US revealed her husband leaves empty toilet roll holders in the bathroom. This is what happened when she refused to tidy them for three weeks

Minimal effort: This American husband was sent to the store to buy a card for a baby shower… and produced this lazily edited birthday card instead

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