Woman feels ‘violated’ as hairdresser edits selfie to add makeup and smooth skin

A woman was left speechless when she realised her hairdresser had edited a selfie she sent of her new hairdo.

The customer shared the Photoshop blunder on her TikTok account @letispaghetti.

She explained her hair stylist had asked her to send a picture of the new look so that he could post it onto his business social media account.

So she styled her balayage hair and curled it into waves and sent it over.

In the video seen more than 1.5 million times, she showed the picture that she took and said "This is what I sent".

Then she shows an edited version she found out from the hairdresser's social media.

The hairdresser Photoshopped her face by putting more makeup around her eyes and brightening her skin colour.

Leti wrote: "That one there was a violation."

Viewers have since slammed the hairdresser for being rude to edit without permission.

One wrote: "This is kind of everything that's wrong with our society though."

Another said: "No this isn't okay. Unrealistic and unnecessary. You're beautiful in the first one! Don't encourage this behaviour and find a new hairdresser."

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But some were impressed of the Photoshop skill and jokingly asked Leti for the hairdresser's contact details.

A keen viewer penned: "Any chance of his details so I can send him selfies to edit?"

A second defended: "Wait! Everyone is pressed about the editing?

"He's promoting her hair – it doesn't look like he changed the hair colour in the editing."

Leti responded to some comments, saying: "I don't judge if people use Photoshop for themselves. But I never asked for someone to choose what they don't like about me and edit it."

She also asked other hairdressers not to do this to their clients, adding: "It's extremely unprofessional."

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