Woman nearly married a 70-year-old millionaire but ‘came to her senses’

Erica met Rick Sykes “on social media” and they dated for a year and a half.

Together they starred in series two of Marrying Millions back in 2021, a TV show about couples where one person is extremely wealthy and the other is not.

In an interview for Good Morning America ahead of the series airing, they explained how their relationship progressed.

Erica said: “We went on a couple of dates and it moved very fast from there.” Rick added: “And the rest is what they call history, I guess!”

Speaking about the age gap, Erica explained: “When I look at him, I don’t notice the age gap. It’s not something that we dwell on.”

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The couple moved in together and lived on Rick’s Yatch on Miami beach, where they ended up getting engaged, with plans to get married in front of millions on the TV show.

But their engagement was broken and Erica explained why in a TikTok video posted to her account, @erica35mm.

She said: “I almost married a 70-year-old on national TV and dumped him on our wedding day.

“I came to my senses. We were very different.”

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Fans of the TV show shared their thoughts in the comments section. Jazie Simmons wrote: “Honestly after watching that episode I had mad respect for you. Most women in your shoes would have still went for it for the money.”

Dora added: “He was the most authentic person on that show.” But Erica replied: “Hahaha you don’t know him. Trust me.”

Grady said: “Aw I felt that you really loved him. I didn’t think at all you were after his money.” Erica responded: “I wasn’t, I don’t understand this lol if I wanted his money I would have married him?”

She was also asked if she “had doubts before the wedding”, to which Erica revealed she did.

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