Woman sparks debate after saying you should throw out underwear every 6-9 months

A TikTok user has claimed women should buy new underwear every six to nine months because it gets "filled with bacteria", but experts have been quick to debunk the suggestion.

Casaundra posted a video on her account @kittychemist to respond to the question: "How often should you throw out your underwear?"

While dancing to the upbeat music in the background, she writes her answer in the video: "6-9 months.

"Not all bacteria, pathogens and fibres can be removed during washing!"

She gave details in a separate video and explained that she got a re-occurring infection in her private parts five years ago.

Casaundra claimed a gynaecologist told her the infection was as a result of her wearing old lingerie made from cotton and lace.

"And cute lacey panties like this can irritate the skin," the woman added.

Her videos have been seen more than 50,000 times since Casaundra posted them two weeks ago.

Viewers were divided as some said there was no proof to back up Casaundra's claims.

One said: "Okay but those are not legitimate sources so…"

"These aren't academic sources," another wrote. "This is just a marketing scheme."

Some took Casaundra's advice and commented: "I definitely do this. It's actually healthy, I do it because I just like to keep my underwear fresh."

"This actually makes sense though because I wash all my good Victoria's Secret in cold water on delicate and air dry," a second added.

But gynaecologist Dr Jennifer Gunter has dismissed the suggestions made my Cassandra in her own video.

The expert explained: "This was simply not true, it was something of periody culture that a vagina and vulva is delicate, sort of the harbinger of an apocalypse and you have to do all these special maintenance.

"That is not true at all. You should wash your underwear like how you would wash anything that touches your body.

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"But they don't magically become an issue after six to nine months."

Dr Gunter then showed a pair of her underwear and claimed it's been used for more than six months.

"The only thing you can see is the gusset has a little bit of bleaching, that's stain from discharge because it's acidic.

"Otherwise, you can keep it until it falls apart."

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