Woman spots her best-friend's husband with another pregnant woman

Woman who spotted her friend’s husband at a hospital appointment with ANOTHER pregnant woman is left torn over whether to tell her pal

  • An UK woman told Mumsnet she saw best-friend’s husband with other woman
  • She explained he looked close to the pregnant woman who was not his wife
  • Said she did not know whether she should tell her friend or keep her mouth shut 

A mother-to-be was left in turmoil after spotting her best-friend’s husband at a hospital appointment with a visibly pregnant woman – who was very clearly not his wife.  

The anonymous British woman took to Mumsnet, and explained that the man’s behaviour showed that he’s ‘definitely’ romantically involved with the other woman, the Liverpool Echo reported. 

Not knowing what to do, she asked fellow mothers users for advice on whether she should break the news to one of her oldest friends who ‘adores’ her husband, in a now deleted post, which has since been uploaded to Reddit. 

While some advised her to speak to her friend as soon as possible, other said she needed to give the husband a chance to tell his wife first.

anonymous woman took to Mumsnet, and explained her pal’s other half seemed to be close to the woman he was accompanying to the ante-natal ward. Pictured: A woman doubting what she should do, stock picture 

Others insisted that she should keep quiet because here friend wouldn’t believe her, but she wrote in a later update that she’d decided to come clean and her friend was devastated.  

The drama unfolded as the mother-to-be waited for her own antenatal appointment when she spotted her pal’s husband and the other woman sitting in the corner.  

‘She was visibly pregnant. By their actions they were definitely a couple,’ she said. 

‘They were sitting in a far corner and it was only when I went to get a drink that I noticed them,’ she wrote. 

Adding she went unnoticed by the man and woman, she was left wondering what she should be doing about her friend, who had given her no inkling that anything was wrong in her marriage. 

‘She adores him. How do I tell her? What would you do ? I was shocked when I saw him and I regret not speaking to him now,’ she wrote. 

A woman was left torn after spotting her close friend’s husband at a hospital appointment with a pregnant woman, who he is ‘definitely’ in a relationship with 

People were divided over the best plan of action, with some suggesting she speak to her friend first, while other pushed for her to address the issue with the husband.  

‘Yes you need to speak to her ASAP. Gently ask her if they have separated and tell her what you saw,’ one wrote. 

A few others suggested confronting the husband first, with one saying: ‘You need to speak to him. Tell him he tells his wife or you will.’

However, some people noted her friend might refuse to believe her, and that the husband might turn the tables on her. 

‘You need to tell her but there is every chance she won’t believe you. He’ll probably lie through his teeth and say you were seeing things or it was someone else,’ one wrote. 

The woman’s update explaining she had told her friend was shared on Reddit. She said her friend believed her but tried to make excuses for her husband (stock)

Ultimately, she decided to tell her friend and made another post on the reaction, which was also shared on Reddit. 

The woman revealed her best-friend did not disbelieve what she’d seen, but tried to make excuses for her husband.  

‘Thankfully she didn’t question my judgement. She believed me straight away but was thinking of excuses for him. I just listened really as I didn’t know what else to do. As far as she is concerned she is happy and he is,’ she wrote. 

‘She thanked me for being honest, which if I am honest it made me cry. Wishing that the hospital had been on time and I might not have seen him. But I know she needs to know so maybe it was for the best.’

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