Woman who was fat for years is unrecognisable after losing 9 stone in one year

A woman who lost an incredible 9 stone in just one year has shared a clip of her her weight loss journey.

Caitilin O'Kelly, explained in a TikTok video how it's been like a "dream" to go from 18 stone to just 9 stone.

In one video, she showed short videos of her weight loss progress, saying: "Some days I feel like I'm just as big as I was, but seeing these videos really helps me visualise how far I've come!"

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"I've been fat for years, binged regularly," Caitilin explained.

"My relationship with food was awful so I decided to get weigh loss surgery (gastric sleeve) in Latvia."

She flew a few days before her operation, which was on August 11, 2021 and in one clip, she pulled down the trousers to show the size of her stomach before the operation.

She weighed 18 stone and 4 pounds at the time.

After the surgery, she was wrapped in bandages and forced to rest in bed before going about changing her lifestyle.

"The weight started to fly off me!" Caitilin said, showing a side view of her body in front of a mirror.

"I started repairing my relationship with food. I could fit into clothes I'd never dreamed I could and when I surpassed my goals I had to get a whole new wardrobe!"

The transformation was phenomenal, with her stomach visibly shrinking as the months passed.

But she said she had her ups and downs while recovering from the surgery, including hair loss.

The TikToker also added: "Some days were really bad, some days were good, some days were the best.

"And I get asked all the time: Would you do anything differently? Just one thing…I wish I had done it sooner!"

She updated viewers on her weight last week, revealing she's now 9 stone and 4 pounds.

Caitilin said she spent £5,000 on the operation alone but she's very happy at the results.


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