Woman with huge eyebrows looks unrecognisable as she shares snap without them

An Instagram star who hit headlines for her massive eyebrows has shared a snap without them drawn on.

Anzhelika Protodyakonova, from Russia, is an internet sensation known for her huge drawn on eyebrows.

Recently she blew fans' away when she posted a snap without her famous brows on Instagram where she has 107,000 followers.

She has previously been compared to Angry Bird due to her statement look which massively change the look of her face.

And now she's stunned her followers yet again as she looks unrecognisable without her thick brows.

The photo quickly went viral when it secured many likes.

Anzhelika admitted she was embarrassed at first, but she decided to embrace her brows and make them even bigger.

According to Russian media, she wanted to imitate the large eyebrows from the hit video game Angry Birds.

Some people questioned her move, with many asking if brows like hers are the next big trend.

One wrote: "Alright babes I've been seeing this video going around of super bold brows! Is this going to be the new brow trend?"

Now she regularly updates her fans with snaps of her eyebrows, posing in a variety of outfits.

The fashion blogger previously said she earns a living from advertising and enjoys discounts from businesses because of her brows.

Anzhelika, from Yakutsk in Russia's Sakha Republic, used to feel self-conscious about her striking feature.

But after deciding to embrace her fuzzy brows and draw them on even bigger, she shot to fame back in 2018.

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