Woman with one arm and two hands shares how she simply shaves her armpit

A woman born with one arm and two hands revealed how she shaves her armpit – and says it's "simple".

Berrett Huntsman, 19, boasts 200,000 TikTok followers where she regularly posts light-hearted jokes about her body while expertly dealing with cruel trolls.

The blonde beauty previously hit back at haters after they questioned why she hasn't 'amputated' her underdeveloped hand.

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For now the trolls are at bay, and so Berrett has taken it upon herself to educate her fans on how she manages independently in day-to-to life.

She was born without a left arm while her hand on the same side did not fully develop leaving her with a few fingers.

But, this doesn't stop the teen from getting on with life.

In a recent clip that has racked up thousands of views, Berrett acknowledged a comment from one of her followers.

They said: "I'm sorry if this comes off as rude but like how do you put tops on and shave your underarm. Also you're so pretty."

Berrett took the comment well and shared that she was getting a barrage of similar remarks.

As she stood in her bathroom with a strappy top and shorts, the stunner explained: "Ok, as weird as it sounds I'm on the daily getting asked how I shave my armpit with one arm.

"So I'm going to show you.

"Typically I just do it in a shower with a razor but I'm going to show you guys how I do it."

Berrett used an electric shaver from Blensi so she could shave while dry and out of the shower.

She added: "Everyone is going to be really confused because it's really simple and I feel everybody is expecting some grand twist."

With her right hand she pressed the button on the device to switch it on and simply bent her elbow and began to shave, and hey presto, smooth armpits!

"That's literally all I do.

"I do shave under this [left] armpit as well, the same thing.

"That's how I shave my armpit, sorry if it's a little disappointing", Berrett said.

However, her fans were not disappointed at all.

One person commented: "I've got both arms and I also do that because I'm too lazy to change hands."

Another user added: "Not disappointing at all you’re pretty amazing thank you for sharing…"

While a third voiced: "Literally just discovered last week that I don’t need my other hand to shave my armpit. I don’t think anyone needs to but yet we’re all used to it."

Someone else praised: "I just wanted to say that you're awesome, and I absolutely love how u just own your disability!"


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