Womans dramatic glow up after getting lip fillers as makeover floors people

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A woman has taken to TikTok to show off her dramatic transformation after getting lip fillers.

But viewers are not convinced that the woman is telling the truth and believe she has had more cosmetic work done.

Taking to TikTok, influencer Sophie Morelli posted under the username @sewphy to show off her transformation to her 2.4 million followers.

She captioned her the viral transformation video: “All I got is lip fillers, the rest I just grew up.”

In the clip, the 21-year-old first showed a snap of her younger self.

The influencer sported a natural make-up look with pulled back frizzy hair.

Fast forward to now, Sophie now looks completely different.

Thanks to a bit of filler, her lips look fuller.

Her face shape looks more chiselled too – especially her nose, which is very petite.

To add to her new look, the influencer has become a blonde bombshell by sporting long golden locks.

Having stunned many, the glow-up video has now racked up 2.8 million views and 396,000 likes.

Many people could not quite believe that the influencer has only had her lips done – and so questioned her in the comments.

One person accused: “SUCH! A beautiful woman but an absolute rubbish liar. Your noose was more flat & droopy now lifted with a slope and small nose tip pls don’t lie.”

Another user said: “No way that's the same nose.”

A third person added: “That’s a whole different person.”

Someone else argued: “Noses don’t change shape that drastically even with contour.”

However, others leapt to Sophie’s defence over the allegations.

One person commented: “She’s smiling in the old pic. That's why her nose looks different. Y'all need to chill. Not everyone with a cute nose has had a nose job.”

While someone else defended the influencer and said: “Everyone is mad you're just gorgeous. You look amazing.”

Sophie clarified in the comments that she has only had her lips done and has not had any other cosmetic work done to her face.

She claimed: “No, I did not get a nose job; bigger lips make my nose look smaller.

“But if u wanna chip in so I can get one I aint gon complain.”

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