Woman’s epic ‘catfish’ with make-up convinces viewers she’s different person

A woman has astounded the internet after showing people how different she looks with and without make-up.

Kenidi decided to jump on the popular “catfish” TikTok trend by sharing her before-and-after photos earlier this month.

And her transformation is nothing short of incredible – with some of the 3.6 million viewers refusing to even believe they are both the same woman.

The clip starts by showing Kenidi glammed up with make-up sitting in a car.

“What my boyfriend gets 0.07% of the time,” she writes over the picture.

She then shares her before snap where she looks completely different.

Her hair looks wild shooting off in all directions. She has kitted out in baggy, over-sized clothes to seemingly accentuate the difference in looks.

Kenidi is clearly open and honest about her remarkable change and she jokingly captioned the video: “I really catfished him [her boyfriend].”

Since the clip was posted back on June 9, thousands of viewers have shared their disbelief in the comments section.

“Ain’t no way this is the same person,” one wrote.

Another commented: “It’s official. My makeup is broken.”

A third said: “If only I could do my makeup this good. Jealous of your skill.”

Someone else added: “Okay, I’m glad it’s not just me and that my bf has to deal with me not trying to look pretty most of the time.”

Kenidi did admit she used a filter for the first snap but maintained most of it was simply from the make-up.

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She decided to prove it by recording a livestream of her make-up routine.

It is not the first time a woman’s transformation has left the world of TikTok in awe.

Last week, user @leighleigh96’s skills with the make-up brush was branded “witchcraft” thanks to how much it changed her.

Like Kenidi, she captioned her post with the hashtag “catfish”.

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