Woman’s stunning ‘catfish’ makeup is branded ‘witchcraft’ by trolls

A stunning TikTok user has made a before-and-after video when she expertly applies make-up and jokes she is a "catfish" – although trolls have branded it "fraud".

In the clip of her transformation, user @leighleigh96 first shows herself looking casual with wet hair combed back off her face.

She isn't wearing a drop of makeup and is lip-synching to a remix of the song Afro Circus from Madagascar 3.

The clip then jumps to Leigh's glammed-up look, with her gorgeous silver-blonde hair and pink highlights swept slightly over her face.

She has flawless eyeliner emphasising the shape of her eyes and eyebrow pencil highlighting the structure of her face.

The look is completed with pink lipstick that brings out the blue of her eyes.

Leigh captions the post with the hashtags #makeup and #catfish and it has been liked more than 14,000 times on the video-sharing app.

"You're so beautiful," commented one person.

A second viewer wrote: "I see nothing wrong here looks good with or w/o makeup. Attractive either way."

"Eh you don't need the makeup only wear it if it makes you happy," commented a third viewer.

A bloke asked: "How do they do this magic?"

But a troll called it "false advisement", another branded the video "fraud", and one commented: "Witchcraft I'm asserting the fires."

This comes after a mum who lost most of her tooth during her four pregnancies and now has dentures has spoken out on how she is a "proud catfish".

Alicia, who is known as Princess Glitterhead on social media, is told her makeup should be "illegal" by cruel trolls when she posts her glam before and after videos on TikTok.

But she has her own comebacks and does let the minority with sour grapes stop her from inspiring people on the app.

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