You don’t need a university degree to earn £60k if you pick one of these careers

DOING a degree does not necessarily mean you will get ahead at work.

Official statistics show there is less than one per cent difference in the employment rates between graduates and non-graduates.

While the starting salary for graduate scheme jobs averages £30,000, those who have been to university have to pay back an average of £45,000 in student loans.

And the top 25 jobs for workers without a degree all pay more than £35,000, a new study shows.

The best-paid is an IT project management role called scrum master, where the average salary is a whopping £66,000.

There are currently 677 vacancies for this on job board Adzuna, which conducted the study.

You can pocket around £65,000 as a construction manager. Demand is up 65 per cent on last year and there are 457 vacancies.

Also very well paid is an ethical hacker, where you work probing and fixing firms’ IT security to stop real hackers.

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The average salary is £63,172, with 176 jobs available.

As the job market evolves, new positions are providing even more lucrative opportunities for non-graduates.

Among the most popular is influencer marketing manager but you need to be savvy on social media.

With 502 jobs nationally and roles paying an average of £40,677, it’s the top choice for school-leavers.

Andrew Hunter, co-founder of Adzuna, said: “2022 is a year of financial opportunity for degree-less jobseekers.

"For many roles, self-taught skills are more important than a formal education, particularly in soaring sectors such as IT and trade and construction.

“As more high-paying careers open up, the price that comes with further education is weighing heavier and we expect more people to choose the non-academic route.”

No-degree jobs

  1. Scrum master, £66.6k
  2. Construction manager, £65k
  3. Ethical hacker, £63k
  4. Commercial pilot, £61k
  5. Food safety inspector, £60k
  6. Private chauffeur, £60k
  7. Buying manager, £55k
  8. Casino manager, £52k
  9. Air traffic controller, £51k
  10. Games developer, £50k

‘Passion trumps a degree’

CHARLIE ROSS is business director at influencer marketing agency The Fifth.

The 28-year-old, from London, began her career straight out of school with an internship at a PR agency.

Charlie said: “Uni is not always a requirement for all jobs. People’s confidence, natural skillset and ability to absorb and pick up information can be even more valuable to the working world.

“In the influencer sector, personality traits, passion, drive and a thirst for knowledge tend to trump qualifications.

“As the influencer industry is constantly evolving and changing, you’d never learn every aspect of the job through a degree.

“I came into the industry with no specific qualifications for the role itself, but I had a passion for social media and that is the best starting point.”


MEAL kit firm GOUSTO has 115 fresh roles ranging from recipe developers to maintenance engineers.

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These foolish things

“I DON’T suffer fools gladly”, and “Oh dear, where are we going to sit you?” are among the worst phrases used by bosses to new employees.

The study by recruiters Nicholson highlights what not to say to new recruits.

The company’s CEO Julien Gargowitsch explains: “Some examples of demotivating phrases appear quite amusing, unless they’ve happened to you! Employers must remember that if you speak to people like this, the best ones will go elsewhere.”

Here are the worst phrases:

  • “You’ve got big shoes to fill.” Means: “We don’t think you’ll be as good as the last person.” Better: “Your fresh outlook for this role will be valued.”
  • “I don’t suffer fools gladly.” Means: “You’re probably an idiot who won’t last long here.” Better: “I like to help and see people perform to the best of their potential.”
  • “Oh dear, where are we going to sit you?” – means: “Your role is so unimportant we’d forgotten we’d recruited you.” Better: “Here’s your desk ready with laptop, phone, notepad, induction manual and a first-week itinerary.”
  • “We work hard and play hard.” Means: “We’ll give you too much to do.” Better: We really enjoy our roles and teamwork here, and we know that you will too.”
  • “We really like you but want to speak to other candidates.” Means: “You’re OK but we’ll keep searching until we find someone who’s not like you.” Better: “We’re still in the middle of the recruitment process, you’re a great candidate and we’ll come back to you quickly.”

Diversity gongs

THE increasing importance of diversity means more firms are looking to hire neurodiverse workers – those with autism, ADHD and dyslexia.

If you know a neurodiverse star making a difference in your firm, you can nominate them for the 2022 Celebrating Neurodiversity Awards.

Organised by Genius Within, the gongs have seven different categories which recognise employees and firms who are breaking down barriers.

Awards include Stereotype Buster of the Year and Inclusive Employer.

Genius Within CEO Jacqui Willis, said: “This programme shines a light on those who are leading the way.”

Nominate by January 17 at


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Be a high flyer

SEE your career take off with a job at Manchester Airports Group.

There are more than 1,000 positions available across Manchester, London Stansted and East Midlands airports as Brits begin jetting off again.

Jobs range from security officers and customer service and car park staff to hospitality and departure lounge workers.

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