Your Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope for August

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Welcome to August, Sagittarius! Changes are happening at work. You may receive some shocking news about your place of employment on August 1 when Mars and Uranus meet in Taurus. If news doesn’t come your way, you may be the one delivering it! If you’ve reached a breaking point, you may finally put in your two weeks or start applying elsewhere. If work is feeling stable, this is also a powerful time for major breakthroughs regarding your habits and routines.

Mercury enters Virgo on August 3 and you’re thinking about your career trajectory. Are you fulfilled? Are you overworking? Don’t be afraid to dream big and ask yourself some of the tougher questions if you’ve felt static in your current role. Finally, what is Leo season without some drama? More tension arrives in the workplace on August 7 when Mars in Taurus clashes with Saturn in Aquarius. Frustration may build if you’ve been waiting on news from your boss, but it’s further delayed. Everyone is on edge, so use your words carefully.

What have you been avoiding dealing with when it comes to your closest relationships? On August 8, when Venus in Cancer meets with Pluto in Capricorn, power struggles and taboo topics are up for review. You may have a clearer view of your relationship dynamics, and if you’ve been putting someone else’s needs first, it’s time to change that. If a relationship is veering on the edge of toxic, it may be time to say goodbye. Pluto will force you to confront your shadow, but promises riches and rewards when you commit to facing your fears.

Some harsh or heavy news may arrive on August 11 under the Full Moon in Aquarius. It might feel like your outlook on life has been shaken, but this information will serve you in the future. Allow yourself to move through any feelings that are associated with this news. You deserve to honor yourself and your process. Venus enters Leo on the same day, inviting in a positive outlook. Try your best to look at the big picture.

You may get more serious about studying a new skill or subject on August 14 when the Sun in Leo dances with Saturn in Aquarius. This is head-down, hard-work energy. You’re investing in yourself now, so you’re ready to let loose a few days later when Venus in Leo meets with expansive Jupiter in Aries on August 18. This is a day for following your joy and pleasure–work is simply not on the menu! You may also receive some positive news out of the blue. You’re extra lucky this day, so take a risk!

Mars enters Gemini on August 20 and stays there until March 2023, due to a retrograde. This energy moves through your house of partnerships. Unaddressed tension or areas of conflict in your relationship are up for your review. This may feel like a make-it-or-break-it moment, but it’s all so you can work through any topics of contention. In business, you may be pouring more energy into contracts, or severing and choosing to release a few partnerships.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 22, and better news could not arrive! This Virgo season, you’re receiving recognition at work–a promotion or raise may be on the table. Or perhaps you just crushed it during your latest presentation in front of the entire team. Slow down and celebrate yourself! Job opportunities may also present themselves this month.

Mercury moves into Libra on August 25 and you’re feeling more social than ever. Schedule in time with friends and if a networking opportunity arises, don’t turn it down! You never know who you may wind up mingling with. Tension between work and your relationships is the focus on August 26 when the Sun in Virgo clashes with Mars in Gemini. You may be concentrating on work while your sweetheart may be craving more one-on-one time. If you’re making waves in your career, this can feel frustrating. Do your best to listen to your lover’s feelings with an open mind.

A New Moon in Virgo lands in your career sector on August 27, bringing—you guessed it—a fresh start to this area of your life. If you want to manifest a raise, promotion, or new position, now’s the time! Get to visualizing, planning, and working. New opportunities and career success are within reach.

Your opinions or perspective may be at odds with someone you’re close to on August 28, as Venus in Leo opposes Saturn in Aquarius. Information you receive today can feel icky and off-putting. You may have to agree to disagree, or state your truth and take some space from this person if the issue at hand crosses a line.

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