Your weekly tarot horoscope for July 17 to July 23

Leo season starts and we enjoy a New Moon in Cancer, it’s a rip roaring week, so much powerful cosmic energy swirling around right now.

It’s likely that your love life, close relationships, and feelings about both will be intensified this week.

You will feel like expressing yourself, revealing longheld secrets, and bonding more with those you love and like. That requires exposing your vulnerability as well as being empathetic to the stuff they share in return.

It’s a week of heart to hearts and revelations. It’s all about establishing your close circle and feeling secure in it.

Let the tarot guide you towards your relationship homework this week!


March 21 to April 20

Tarot card for Aries for this week: Death

Meaning: Death is about change, transformation and shedding an old skin in order to grow and develop and forge a new 2.0 version of yourself. This is your path right now, this week, to grow and develop through your relationships.

Have deep discussions, be open minded, listen more than you speak, take on board new outlooks and opinions. You are being moulded, influenced, and reshaped by the people around you, so make sure they’re inspiring, good, positive souls!

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April 21 to May 21

Tarot card for Taurus for this week: The Empress

Meaning: The Empress is about pure, true love. The kind of love you possess for your partner, children, close family, and even pets! It’s a signal to start or grow your family, to rekindle with long-lost people you once loved, to embrace the people who inspire and support you 100%.

Be at home, be with those you love and like, celebrate your relationships, bring new family members in. Love makes your world go around.

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May 22 to June 21

Tarot card for Gemini for this week: Ace of Swords

Meaning: It’s all pent up, it’s all bottling up, it’s all there waiting to burst out. Gemini, get things off your chest. Your loved ones can tell you’re not yourself and they want to support and help you through it.

Tell them honestly how it is, share your real feelings, express what has been happening. Just saying it out loud will make you feel relieved and liberated. Just letting this all out will release that pressure valve and help you have the headspace to deal with what’s on your plate. Let others help.

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June 22 to July 23

Tarot card for Cancer for this week: Two of Wands

Meaning: Prioritise. Focus. Zoom in on what’s important. You are very popular, have a lot of people around you, and enjoy dabbling in all your relationship realms and options. Sometimes you get spread too thinly and you miss out on the big stuff, the important details, the main events.

Make this week a time to spend your full energy on the two or three top people in your world. Devote your time to them. Make it overt and known, do a ‘quality time’ thing or two, celebrate their successes, treat them. You need this reboot.

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July 24 to August 23

Tarot card for Leo for this week: The Hermit

Meaning: The Hermit is all about enlightenment, seeking knowledge, discovering new truths and insights that literally illuminate a new way forwards. A brightly lit and happy pathway.

So this is a week to find out more about the people you love. Sit down and talk, ask weird questions, go back down Memory Lane, share your own stories to help them open up. Find out what makes them tick, what has changed for them this year, how they feel about the future, what’s on their mind… you will find new common ground and opportunities for growth together.  

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August 24 to September 23

Tarot card for Virgo for this week: Ten of Coins

Meaning: You want to make long term plans with your other half or family or closest friend. Plans that lead you both towards a secure, comfortable, wealthy and healthy future.

The Ten of Coins is about happy-ever-afters, ones that unfold by design, with intention and focus. Where do you want to be at in 10 years? Who is in that story? How do you work together? What can you start doing now that sets this up for success? Aligned visions and plans are where it’s at.

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September 24 to October 23

Tarot card for Libra for this week: The Star

Meaning: You can make magic happen in your relationship realm this week ahead. You have make dreams come true. You can have your dearest wish granted. Do you know what it is? That would be a good start. Then you can make overt moves in its direction and the universe will get the hint and back you.

The Star asks you to aim high in your love life and friendships, set that bar high, don’t settle, because you desire and deserve the very best.     

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October 24 to November 22

Tarot card for Scorpio for this week: Nine of Coins

Meaning: You want to repair, fix things, heal, move stuff on, find peace, bring about resolutions. You are in mediator mode. Use this energy to bring your broken relationships to a better place, and to enhance your good relationships even further.

The Nine of Coins gifts you with a midas touch this week. Your natural analytical skill comes in useful because you can see exactly how and why people feel like they do, and you have great ideas.    

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November 23 to December 21

Tarot card for Sagittarius for this week: Three of Cups

Meaning: Happy days, Sagittarius, the Three of Cups means it’s party time! Celebrate and revel with those you love and like. You’re a natural party-starter, you bring the mood, you change the vibe for the better, and you have tonnes of positive energy to share.

Turn it up! Have fun, live large, bring others along for the ride, and enjoy all the good things people have to say about you. Don’t under-value your ability to make the good times roll… people need this right now.   

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December 22 to January 21

Tarot card for Capricorn for this week: Queen of Cups

Meaning: You are known for being more practical than empathetic or caring (though you do care, you’d just rather show it in useful ways than bleat on about it!).

The Queen of Cups sees you feeling romantic, loving, intuitive, and empathetic this week though. Time to draw closer to loved ones, tell them how you really feel, and just let your true, authentic feelings be released freely. Don’t be so stoic or serious. Relax. Express. Share. Give. Be loved.  

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January 22 to February 19

Tarot card for Aquarius for this week: Nine of Cups

Meaning: You have an idea of how you’d like an important relationship in your life to be. The trick here, Aquarius, is to take ownership for that yourself and be the change you wish to see. Set the example.

Act like this change has happened and you’re in the 2.0 version. They will get the drift, react to your new behaviour, and things will evolve as you’d like them to. The Nine of Cups is a signal to make that change, hope for the best, and be confident. You can make this shift but it starts with you and your role.  

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February 20 to March 20

Tarot card for Pisces for this week: Six of Coins

Meaning: Giving feels good, that’s the secret of a happy life really. We feel so much better when our attention is focused on helping, supporting and uplifting others because we forget our own woes and we receive the gratitude, love, and appreciation from people we care for.

The Six of Coins asks you to be your generous, loving, giving self this week. Protect, inspire, help, and nurture those you love and like. All the gifts you give will be returned to you in new and surprising ways by the Universe. It’s called good karma.     

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