Youve been using OXO cubes wrong – mum shares hack to crush them without mess

A cleaning obsessive has surprised her followers with an unusual hack using an everyday kitchen staple that many of us put in stews and pies.

Gemma Bray, known as the Organised Mum, revealed a clever way to open OXO cubes which ensures they dissolve evenly in your cooking without making a mess.

She posted a quick hack which wowed some of her followers.

Posting on Instagram to her 220,000 followers, Gemma said: "Did you know?

“This first hit a few years back but I like to bring it back out every now and again (just in case people missed it the first time!)"

Gemma showed herself holding a beef OXO cube before unfolding the sides of the foil cube being careful not the rip the packaging.

Then, she pulled on the sides of the square to make the foil tented before pressing the cube gently while inside the packet to crush the solid cube into.a powder.

This leaved a foil sachet behind which is filled with already ground up stock.

Tearing the edge of the packet she showed her followers that it easily poured out ready to be added to dishes like shepherd’s pie, pasta or hot pot.

In the comments, Gemma’s followers were gobsmacked, reports the Express.

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One person noted: "Oh my! This is gonna change my life!”

While another added: “OMG! That is genius! Thank you for sharing and at 58-years-old how did I not know this."

"What! No way, I’m always trying to rip the damn things open,” commented a third follower.

We love OXO cubes because they’re so versatile – you can sprinkle them on roast potatoes or use them to add flavour to roast chicken.

Plus, the Daily Star spoke to chefs to find out their best OXO cube cooking hacks.

What's your favourite cooking hack? Tell us in the comments…

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