Zoo Miami Celebrates the Arrival of Their First Two-Toed Baby Sloth With Adorable Video

Zoo Miami is celebrating a furry and sweet first.

“For the first time in the zoo’s history, after an approximately 10 month long pregnancy, a two-toed sloth has been born at the zoo!” the Florida zoo wrote on Facebook.

The sloth was born on July 16 to two 2-year-old sloths named Marge and Montey.

“The newborn is estimated to weigh just under a pound and its gender will not be known for several weeks as the sex of sloths is very difficult to determine, especially in infants,” the zoo added on Facebook.

Both Marge and her new baby are currently off-exhibit, so they have time to bond. But the zoo still offered fans a peek of the mother-child pair, sharing adorable video footage of the duo.

The footage, taken minutes after the baby was born, shows Marge and her little charge cuddling, dozing and just generally hanging around.

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