Angers coach quits after downplaying sexual assault in disturbing pre-match team-talk that left players 'stunned' | The Sun

ABDEL BOUHAZAMA has left his post as manager of Ligue 1 side Angers following a "stunning" team-talk about sexual assault.

The boss quit the club after he held a pre-game chat in which he downplayed the charges facing club left-back IIyes Chetti.

The 28-year-old is set to appear in court over charges of sexual assault that is alleged to have happened in the town of Angers during the World Cup break.

Chetti has acknowledged the events and Bouhamaza has still opted to play him for the Ligue 1 side.

One of the team's players has revealed they were left "stunned" after a team talk ahead of their heavy defeat to Montpellier.

He told GFFN: "He said ‘It’s nothing nasty. We all touched girls before.’


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"We were all stunned, without reaction, on hearing something like that."

The French-Moroccan manager then confirmed that he did say these words after it had been published by the media.

He did also say: "I also said that what my player did was wrong and that we all make mistakes."

But with the club slumped in last place with three defeats on the bounce he has now left his role as manager.

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The club released a statement reading: "For the sake of transparency, Angers SCO specifies that this eventuality was imagined by Abdel Bouhazama for several days and that the decision as to his withdrawal from the first team was thought by the person concerned during the end of February.

"After several sporting setbacks. In addition, a controversy arose on Monday after remarks, taken out of context, made during the pre-game chat, leaked to the local and national press.

"Faced with media pressure and to preserve the club's image and the serenity of the locker room, Abdel Bouhazama announced to President Saïd Chabane that he had decided to leave his position as coach of the professional team.

"The President accepts the coach's decision."

And the SCO continues: "To remove all ambiguities and misunderstandings, Angers SCO unreservedly condemns the words spoken during the talk even if it seems to be clumsy than the intention to trivialize sexist speech.

"Besides, the club which does not accept any form of discrimination and condemns sexism and misogyny.

"Abdel Bouhazama apologized to his colleagues, in particular women and therefore preferred to draw the consequences both from his balance sheet and his blunders.

"In addition, we recall that Abdel Bouhazama has always been there when the club needed him.

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"We are grateful to him for his efforts, even if they did not pay off, and we will see with him how he plans now its future.

"We will keep the media and our supporters informed about the other decisions that will be taken".

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