Darts icon Fordham was "terrified of dying" months before death by wifes side

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Darts legend Andy Fordham said he was “terrified of dying” months before his death on Thursday at the age of 59.

Known as The Viking, Fordham died by his wife's side with the news breaking this afternoon.

Fordham won the 2004 BDO World Championship and was one of the sport's most popular players having played in 12 consecutive World Championships from 1995 to 2006, and made a memorable comeback at the 2015 Grand Slam.

In recent years Fordham, who famously downed 24 lagers before matches, had been suffering from health issues and was diagnosed with the coronavirus earlier this year.

It followed an operation for a bowel blockage.

“Right now I am just about coping,” he told The Sun back in January.

“But I spoke to my doctor who warned me the virus can hit you very quickly.

“My biggest fear is waking up one morning, not being able to breathe and being placed in the back of the ambulance – then not seeing my wife and children again.”

Fordham struggled with health issues, which he largely puts down to heavy drinking, although he stopped that some 14 years prior.

In February, it led to him being rushed to hospital where an operation on his bowel led to him having 16 litres of fluid drained from his body.

He also could not walk without pain due to an injury to his groin and he said in January that he hadn’t played darts in a year.

“I look down the stairs and can see my dart board in the hall but I haven’t played for nearly a year.

“I miss it but right now the only thing I am focused on is beating this virus.”

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He beat the coronavirus, describing it as the “scariest thing” he had ever faced and made plans for a return to darts, registering for next year’s World Seniors Darts Championship.

Fordham passed away on Thursday morning with his wife, Jenny, by his side.

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