Eric Dier runs down Tottenham tunnel during Chelsea clash for 'toilet break' with Jose Mourinho sprinting after defender

ERIC DIER was spotted sprinting down the tunnel during Tottenham's Carabao Cup clash with Chelsea, leaving Jose Mourinho fuming.

With 15 minutes to play – and Spurs trailing 1-0 – the England man was spotted charging off the pitch.

Many onlookers believed Dier was simply being subbed – until Mourinho was seen chasing after him.

The Spurs defender emerged from the tunnel moments later.

Reports from the ground later claimed Dier had simply dashed off to use the toilet.

Fans were left baffled and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Amongst the hordes of tweets, Gary Lineker – who infamously failed to reach the facilities during the 1990 World Cup – was quick to have a go.

Lineker tweeted: "Strange scenes as @ericdier runs off the pitch to the dressing room, followed hastily by Mourinho.

"Then Dier runs back out to resume playing. Presumably he needed the loo.

"Players just don’t s*** on the pitch anymore. What’s wrong with them?"

Another account joked: "Really wish the All or Nothing series was still filming to see Eric Dier taking a quick s*** mid-game and Jose Mourinho bursting in to scream at him."

It's not the first time Dier has darted off the pitch during a cup game.

In fact, in Dier's last domestic cup outing – the FA Cup penalty shootout defeat by Norwich, he charged into the stands to confront a fan.

He was charged by the FA for leaping over the advertising hoardings and racing up the West Stand to protect younger brother, Patrick.

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