Five other darts bust-ups involving Adrian Lewis after Gerwyn Price row

Gerwyn Price and Adrian Lewis were embroiled in a heated on-stage bust-up during the Czech Darts Open at the weekend.

Two-time world champion Lewis sent the Iceman crashing out with a surprise 6-3 win in the second round. After the match, the pair exchanged verbals and had to be separated by referee Russ Bray.

Lewis has a history after developing a habit of getting under the skin of opponents down the years, having rows with a number of rivals, including Price. With the help of Sky Sports, we have rounded up some of the most infamous bust-ups in darts involving Lewis.

‘I was trying to ruin his concentration’ – Lewis vs Manley

Former world number one Peter Manley, a player renowned for his mind games, certainly rattled a fresh-faced Lewis during their match at the 2006 World Championship. So much so that Lewis marched off stage at one point and had to be encouraged to continue the match by referee Russ Bray.

But, speaking in an interview with Sky Sports in 2020, Manley insisted: "I didn't overstep the mark. To be honest, half the time I didn't need to do anything, all I had to do was say things like 'watch out, you don't know what I'm going to do' during this game.

"I was trying to ruin his concentration, not so much putting him off. Changing his mind-thoughts and mindsets. Whatever I could do, I would do to anybody.

"I basically turned around and asked Adrian to stop tutting, which he disagreed with, and it quickly turned into a pantomime style 'you was, you wasn't, you was, you wasn't' and he just carried it on. I was beating him and in control of the game. Everything was going my way and I had no concerns, but I had no idea he was going to walk off stage.”

However, there was a happy ending to this feud. Manley added: "In the end I took him and his family out for dinner and we moved on from it.”

‘He’s a noboby’ – Lewis vs Price

Oh yes, Saturday’s bust-up in Prague wasn’t the first time these two have feuded on-stage.

Even before their 2016 meeting at the World Matchplay, it was abundantly obvious it was going to kick-off between the pair. Price wouldn’t even look at Lewis during their pre-match handshake before both tried to rev up the crowd at the Winter Gardens – not that they needed to!

The tension continued into the match with Wayne Mardle saying on commentary: “There’s genuine aggression between these two.”

Lewis won the match and then sarcastically clapped Price before they shared a rather warmer handshake. However, Lewis then couldn’t resist waving his white flannel in Price’s direction.

The barbs continued after the match, with Lewis saying in his interview: “I was rubbish and that just shows why he isn’t… he’s a nobody, as simple as that. He came up there and bottled it. Between greatness and not so great, that just showed night.”

Price might take issue with that sentiment now as he went on to become a world champion while Lewis tumbled down the rankings.

‘I gave it large’ – Lewis vs Van Gerwen

Lewis and Michael van Gerwen met in the final of the World Cup of Darts in 2016 – and needless to say it was a spicy affair.

As he closed in on victory, Lewis become increasingly animated, playing to the crowd between visits as a nonplussed Van Gerwen watched on. After Jackpot hit the winning double, the pair exchanged verbals.

Lewis said: “The only reason he got the hump with me was because I gave it large. I said ‘well, you do it every week’ so you’ve got to expect a bit back.”

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‘If he wants to be a clown…’ – Lewis vs Wright

The meeting between Lewis and Peter Wright was naturally preceded by Snakebite’s jig across the stage. Jackpot looked on mockingly at his foe and the disrespect spilled into the match.

At one point, Wright skipped off the oche after retrieving his darts, which clearly unsettled his rival as he was about to throw. Lewis responded by performing a dance shuffle after closing out a leg.

“If he wants to be a clown, let him get on with it,” said Lewis after winning the match. “As a person, he’s a good lad, but you can’t show him any respect to him.

“He said after his previous match that I was going to crumble against him but a two-time world champion doesn’t do that. Tonight, I didn’t crumble, he crumbled.”

'There was so much animosity between us' – Lewis vs Nicholson

Another World Cup final, this time between England and Australia in 2012. Lewis and Phil Taylor were up against Paul Nicholson and Simon Whitlock.

It was between Lewis and Nicholson, dubbed the ‘Aussie Geordie’, where the sparks flew. The Asset explained: “There was so much animosity between Lewis and us.

“Adrian was on me the whole tournament. Even when we weren’t playing, he was going on about how I shouldn’t be playing for Australia. When he puts the England shirt on, he becomes a very different person.

“Because we played each other in the singles, he was properly going at me backstage. I thought ‘there’s only one way to shut you up, and that’s to beat you’. And I did.

“When we went into the final eliminator at the end, it was pressure like I’ve never felt in my life. Taylor was just trying to do his thing and, if anything, trying to temper Lewis. The captains were like ‘what’s going on between these two?’.”

To Nicholson’s dismay, England won the final in the most dramatic fashion. After all four players had missed chances to win it, it was Lewis who finally nailed the winning double.

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