Footballers who are musicians, from Liverpool goalie Alisson on guitar to Leeds star Patrick Bamford playing the violin

FOOTBALLERS have a lot of downtime.

And some have amazing hobbies – like Cristiano Ronaldo who loves to play bingo and Toni Kroos who is obsessed with darts.

But others have picked up a musical instrument and learned how to play – for good or bad is anyone's guess.

Here's some of football's biggest names who can hold a tune…. allegedly. And we've picked them for our very own football super band.


Liverpool's Brazilian goalie is a self-confessed Britpop fan and loves bands like Oasis.

It inspired him to pick up a guitar and learn a few chords.

Alisson even sang 'Don't Look Back In Anger' at his initiation for the Reds, the summer he arrived at the club.

We've got him on lead guitar.


The Czech legend is infamous now for his skills on the drums.

Cech has posted several videos on YouTube playing along to rock hits, including the Foo Fighters song 'Best of You'.

He bought a drum kit in 2011, after playing Guitar Hero at team-mate Carlo Cudicini's home on the PlayStation, so he gets our vote on the skins.


Cultured Leeds striker Bamford enjoyed a posh upbringing.

He went to private school, and when he was a youngster learned how to play the violin, as well as the piano.

Bamford even made fun of his talent replying to a parody account that said he played the cello.

"I favour the violin actually, old chap. I personally find the cello far too monotonous," he brilliantly protested.

For that, giving us a Dexys Midnight Runners theme, Bamford makes the band.


The Chilean forward has been a skilled pianist for years.

So, it was no surprise to see him once upon a time propped up next to a piano for his Manchester United transfer announcement video when he signed from Arsenal.

Better still, he was apparently REALLY playing the Glory Glory Man Utd tune too. Sanchez is on keyboards.


Croatia's footballing answer to Van Halen, former West Brom boss Bilic loves hard rock.

He once joined the band Rawbau – a Balkan Foo Fighters – to jam on a single in 2008.

Flashing tattoos in a black t-shirt and jeans – Bilic looked liked he belonged so he can play rhythm for us.


The Wycombe manager looks like a rock star with his flowing locks.

Ainsworth even has his own band, The Cold Blooded Hearts who often perform local gigs doing covers.

Back in November, the former QPR star teamed up with Wills & The Willing and released a Christmas single with any money made donated to dementia charities. Cech joined them on drums.

He's our frontman.



The Newcastle wideman was a modest lad, and not one for blowing his own trumpet. But, he literally did when he got home.

One time, he reportedly even picked up the phone to then-boss Bobby Robson and played him a tune.

“I don’t think Bobby Robson was so keen on me playing my trumpet,” he once told FourFourTwo magazine.

“He didn’t know about it when he first took over as manager, but he soon found out when I rang him up one night and played down the phone to him. I’m not sure he was too amused."

He can beef up our brass section, when needed.


If we needed backing vocalists for Ainsworth, Glenn Hoddle and Chris Waddle would be our Pepsi & Shirlie.

In 1987, they famously released their debut single, 'Diamond Lights' which reached No12 in the UK pop charts.

Waddle, who played in a European Cup final, later recalled appearing on Top of the Pops as "the most nerve-racking thing [he'd] ever done".

They promptly followed 'Diamond Lights' up with a second single, 'It's Goodbye'.

And it was from them, coming in at 92, and seemingly ending their short-lived pop career.

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